De-homogenizing Eberron

I’ve recently seen posts talking about various campaign settings from Dungeons and Dragons and how one of WotC pitfalls has been to cram every one of their source books into the setting, which in the end homogenizes that particular setting.

One setting that came up quite often (and I apologize for not having the links to these posts) was Eberron. I will admit that it is my favorite DnD setting as well (the 3.5 version).

What I’m curious about is what would you take out of or change in the game to make it more unique?

Specify for both 3.5 and 4e as there are differences in the settings. I know 3.5 has a truck load of info and I heard that the info given in the 4e is a bit more streamlined (I’m not sure if this is entirely true given that I’ve only glanced at the 4e books and wasn’t wholly impressed with what I saw).


One thing I would have flushed out more was the Dragon Marks. While nifty, mechanically I didn’t feel that they were worth a Feat (or several Feats for). The reward just wasn’t that great.

The Dragon Marked Houses are described as controlling or having their hands in virtually everything in some manner of speaking. I felt that this could have been better emphasized in the core rule book.

Now I know that there was danger in Khovaire, especially in the Demon Wastes, but sometimes I felt the book was pointing to Xendrik as where you go for danger. Khorvaire has mostly been tamed, save for a few areas, but go to Xendrik because that shit will hurt!

I loved how the races were changed. Savage Halflings riding dinosaurs, the Elven Undying Court infused with voodoo style magic, dwarves being more like loan sharks and greedy, and gnomes being vindictive crazy strategists. All very cool.


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One response to “De-homogenizing Eberron

  • Anarkeith

    I own several of the 3.5 Eberron books, and I like them very much. I have reskinned the idea of the dragon-marked houses in my last two campaigns (in different ways.)

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