Putting Aspects in Dragon Age

Oooooo.. Epic.

I’ve already gushed about how much I love Aspects from the FATE system and that it was really honed and perfected in how the mechanic is implemented in the Dresden Files RPG.

I am going to definitely use the mechanic in my upcoming Pathfinder Pirate Game and know that my players will really dig it once they get used to how it operates.

I am planning on running some Dragon Age RPG sessions here soon and started thinking how Aspects could fit in mechanically without breaking the system.

I think that how Aspects work in FATE will work equally well in DA. The player gets +2 to any roll or can reroll a failed check/attack roll. Simple.

Honestly I can’t stress enough how awesome this simple mechanic is, or how awesome Dragon Age RPG is.

Also here are a few sites for those who are interested in it:
Dragon Age Role-playing Resources: Fan Site
Dragon Age Oracle Blog


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