The Constant Fighting of the Role-playing Community

Wizards of the Coast has recently announced the launch of a new accessory to DnD 4e called Fortune Cards. This new product has caused quite an uproar in the role-playing community.

I’ve seen many blogs talking excitedly about this new product and what it offers as well as blogs ranting how this is tantamount to the raping and desecration of their beloved pastime hobby. I’ve read many of these two types of posts as well as the comments, and the trolling and bickering that has ensued is staggering. The sheer nastiness of some of the comments is unbelievable. It seems like the fires of the Edition Wars have been stoked once again.

I have no delusions that my thoughts are going to change people’s minds or endeavor them to learn better ways of communication, but I also feel it is important to share my opinion as well.

How do I feel about the Fortune Cards? I honestly don’t like the idea. I think it is a money making gimmick that does nothing to enhance the role-playing. I also am not a fan of 4e at all. I was angry after I tried 4e and saw how much it moved away from my beloved 3.5.

However.. There was no gun to my head making me play this game. There still is no gun to my head now to make me play it or buy these cards. If people want to buy them, there are more than welcome too. That is their choice and I support them.

Do I have to agree with the game that they play? No. Should I respect their choice, absolutely. I’m not talking about supporting someone committing a violent crime, drug use, etc. I’m talking about supporting someone playing a game. Why? Because we are gamers.

Too Few, Too Few

Gaming has definitely come to a more accepted light in recent years, especially with the Lord of the Rings movies bringing fantasy to the mainstream. I’m sure more than a few people who previously never had gamed or had an inkling to, picked up pen and paper and dice and gave it a try.

We still need to accept that we are a minority though. We are still not considered chic or artistic in the eyes of the masses by any means. We are nerds, and most of us are damned proud of it. With being a minority I feel that there are too few of us to fight over which game is the right one and who has the right to play what.

I am not saying there shouldn’t be disagreements or debates. That spawns new ideas, philosophies, and developments. However this angry trolling and derisive talking does nothing except demean you and the person you are “attacking.”

By all means, disagree, and offer your view point, but accept the other persons choices as well. Even if you cannot come to a compromise, there is much to be gained from diversity and other perceptions. Honestly think of all the gaming ideas that have come from disagreement and discussion rather than outright hatred and anger.

If you don’t like 4e or any system for that matter, then don’t play it. There is a plethora of games out there! Here are a couple publishers etc (And this is by no means a comprehensive list):

Green Ronin
Evil Hat
Mythmere Games
White Wolf
And Drivethru RPG– TONS of PDF Rpgs for your wonderment and enjoyment!

There is no wrong way to run or play any game so long as people are having fun. If you don’t like the system, communicate with everyone at the table or forum or whatever with an open respectful dialogue. Try to come to a compromise and don’t be afraid to try something new.

In Conclusion:

I don’t think my opinion here is the only one or the RIGHT one. It’s just that.. an opinion. Some may agree with me. Others may already be getting out the pitch forks and torches. I just feel our collective gaming energies could be spent on better things than yelling at people for doing something that makes them happy and having fun.

I now open the floor to you.


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I am a History major attending a community college until I can get more financial aid and attend a four year school. I am living in NJ with my girlfriend who is currently wrapping up on obtaining her PhD in Toxicology. I love Star Wars, Role-playing, video games, working out, reading, writing, and hanging with my girlfriend, dog (Perfect), and two kittens (Birch and Brambles). My main focus on this site will be my discussion of Role-playing games and ideas and hopefully contribute something worth a damn. View all posts by wrathofzombie

10 responses to “The Constant Fighting of the Role-playing Community

  • That Tim

    But being nasty to each other is so much fun!

    More honestly, yeah. The whole whining and screaming and bitching because someone’s playing a different game to you, or even the same game in a different way, is getting old. Seriously, people, if you try something and decide you don’t like it, you can ignore it rather than keep on about how awful it is forever and a day.

  • Dyson Logos

    But, if they had to be creative instead of negative, some of the blogs out there would be practically empty.

    Why spend so much energy on negativity when they could be investing it into creativity…

  • wickedmurph

    I was going over my stats the other day, and came to a very depressing conclusion – the times that I expressed my “discontent” about something or other were by far the most-read posts. Blah. Almost makes me want to hang up my hat.

    If we stop reading negativity, people will stop posting it. But so far, it seems to drive hits. I’m going away from it, myself, even if that means a drop in readership.

    • Dyson Logos

      I guess at that point the question is if you really want the negativity-obsessed readership?

      Anyways, it’s not like we blog for money, so not having the negativity-obsessed readers dropping by doesn’t actually hurt our blogs in any way.

  • Chuck

    The edition wars are like a rash that flares up in new and interesting ways each year. People will always find something to bitch about but it just seems to be getting worse and almost to the point of a dark comedy. Most RPG forums have become a waste of time so full of petty bickering and a critical disection of the rules to the point of idiocy. Stirring up controversy is an easy way to get attention and really doesn’t add anything to anybody’s game.

  • Shinobicow

    You are right on the fighting. I think it goes on too much. We are all nerds. We love our dice and our pencils. Fighting across systems, settings, old school, new school, that all needs to stop somehow. But… that might be a dream that is a long way off…

  • Sully

    Well said, sir, well said.

  • anarkeith

    Mike, I find myself wondering if Fortune Cards and Powers aren’t a taste of 5e as a card-based game entirely. I mean, what if your character was a constructed MtG-type deck? I played a lot of constructed-deck MtG, and except for the collectible/rarity BS, I rather enjoyed it. I felt pretty close to some of those decks. Trusted ’em. Tweaked ’em until they were smooth as butter, and had delicious mana curves… OK, maybe I played a little too much. Point being, I find myself wondering if that’s an idea that might be in development. I’d be very curious to try it out.

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