Pathfinder Playtest- Magus Review

Real Badass Caster

Here’s a link to download the Playtest.

I really like what I’ve read about this class. It is a spell-slinging swashbuckler.

This class has quite a bit of versatility and I think I have FINALLY found a class that works with the vision I’ve had for one of my favorite NPC’s that I’ve put in my games for years (my version of Final Fantasy’s Cid).

The only thing I can see as being a negative is that the power creep is definitely in this character, as happens when you start introducing new classes. This isn’t a really horrible negative because I know Paizo will make sure it is as balanced as can be (hence the playtesting) and weed out what is broken.

A really gross ability is Broad Study, which a Magus can take as their Magus Arcana at level 6. This gives the Magus the ability to choose any other casting class (now this is the beta and this may be clarified later, but as of right now it doesn’t say arcane casting class- so that means druid and divine spells are free reign here). I can see this being gross because a Magus has a pretty decent attack bonus, can charge in and begin beating the hell out of creatures with his/her sword and then cast a heal on themselves.

Author: wrathofzombie

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One thought

  1. I actually thought that ability was awesome.

    ‘Till I read it closer.

    “Broad Study (Ex): A magus with this magus arcana must select one other class that grants the ability to cast spells. The magus can use his spellstrike and spell combat
    abilities WHILE CASTING OR USING SPELLS FROM THE SPELL LIST OF THAT CLASS. This does not allow him to cast arcane spells from that class’s spell list without suffering the normal chances of arcane spell failure. The magus must be at least 6th level before selecting this arcana.”

    Which means you have to, say, take 6 levels of magus to get this ability and multiclass into another class to use your spellstrike/spell combat ability with spells off the spell list (unless there is a feat in Ultimate Magic that lets you lift spells from other spell lists onto your own).

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