151st Post!! *Flexes Blogging Muscles* Oops, just pooped a little. Pathfinder- Behind the Scenes

Alright! 151 posts! Not too damned shabby!

Sorry for my absence lately, but I went to Otakon 2010 last weekend and had a blast. Got to see some cool costumes, hang with cool people, see a cool Lolita Fashion Show, attend a role-playing panel, and see a truly awesome Cosplay Burlesque show (my voice is still horse from all the cheering and shouting).

I will not be doing a session recap on my Obsidian Portal page for the session that happened 07/18/10. The session was great fun, but description wise for people to read it wasn’t THAT riveting. I’ll explain here and do some behind the scenes explanations.

When we ended (Behind the Scenes- Session 2 or look at my Obsidian Portal Page for recap) the last session I told my players that most, if not all, of the 4th session would be spent in Isarn, the metropolis Capital of Galt. I wanted them to email me a goal (using the Mouse Guard Goal mechanics) for what they wanted to accomplish while in Isarn and I would craft the adventure around those goals. With only slight teeth pulling I was able to get the goals from my players.

Here are the goals my players came up with:

Angie– Give Kirkland(Her Familiar) a bath. 2- She has a dream of finding a rainbow colored feather with magical properties that aid her in her fortune telling and set her on her path to finding the object that will mark her place in history.

John– I need to find and procure a magical device or weapon to aid me in combat. Nothing that can do more than level 1 spells, at least for now. I figure a low level magical whatever shouldn’t be hard to find in a big ass city like this.

Drew– To explore some of the dark secrets of the city.

Sammy– To become friends with Bobkins Odkin.

Liam– I found the attached symbol emblazoned on the floor of the antechamber of my monastery after the slaughter occurred and was told that there might be someone in Isarn that may know what it is or represents. This symbol could be the key to avenge the fallen monks.

Elmer– A smaller goal, but possibly intensely difficult goal, would be to get someone to protect Iopen. It wouldn’t be enough to protect the town with just a contingent of soldiers. Leo would be looking for someone who could “handle” this dangerous but open ended task. Basically, Leo would be looking for either a higher level “party” than ours, or someone who could for either money, fame, or good intentions take up the task of warding a small village from this menace. They wouldn’t go out to kill the source of the problem, though it’d be incredibly convenient if they did. We just need our friends in safe hands while we’re away doing our investigation.

Each of these goals played out very well and I was able to insert little adventure hooks that I already had created as well as coming up with ones on the fly. At the end of the session the group had several different directions that they could go, so I made sure to reiterate that the world was dynamic and that sometimes (although not constantly so) many of the hooks I give will be “closed” should they not act on it. This is to show the world in motion. Some may have consequences for not taking and others are just lost treasure, fame, etc.

I also explained that I would not punish them for not taking a hook.

At the end of the session the group had two major hooks to choose from. Drew had been asked by a poor distraught servant girl to go free her Master and Mistress from their torment at their plantation manor. The two had been killed for being “radicals” by a Galt mob.

Elmer had talked with Ambross Finn, the head of the Galt Army, the Citizen Constabulary, about all the weird things they had seen since the beginning and he was told that near the River Kingdoms there had been odd rumors that seemed to have some similarities to what the party has been experiencing.

The group agreed that Elmer’s mission was more important and would hopefully wield some answers.

So this Sunday the group is saddling up to escort a caravan led by Neteela into the River Kingdoms to discover what has been happening.


This kind of session can be difficult to run for players and GMs alike, especially if you have a group of 7-9 players like I do. Each player was pretty much off on their own for the whole session achieving their goals, looking for information, and developing their character.

I told everyone at the beginning of the session I would be hop scotching between them to keep the flow going and asked for patience and to contribute out of character jabs and jokes at the expense of the player. This worked well. We all laughed and had a great time, even when it was not that particular players scene.

This is definitely not something I would do every session, but every so often it is a nice way to let the players really stretch their legs off by themselves without another member of the group there interjecting their own goals, morals, and personality into the scene.

So a thanks to my players for being awesome throughout the whole session and really making it a good one!

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