Clockworks 1 Year Anniversary!!

So Shawn’s awesome steampunk webcomic based on his homebrew world using the Savage Worlds system Clockworks has hit its first birthday! That’s awesome!

Awhile back Shawn approached me (digitally) and asked if I would be interested in playtesting his system and givng feedback. I was exctied at the prospect of playing in a world I was really digging in the comics. Another boon about it, is all my players seemed really excited to do the same!

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We are taking a small breather from our Clockworks game to start up a Pathfinder Campaign, but fear not, we will be doing Clockworks again come August!

I plan on alternating between Pathfinder and Clockworks.

Where do I want to go with the story? It’s hard to say without spoiling things for my players who ACTUALLY (and those of you who do mention this and get a benny) read my blog. I know things will start getting stranger and I have already introduced one of my Big Bad Peoples.

I definitely want the players to be able to explore the lands of Clockworks, because Shawn has done a really good job creating a believable, detailed, and exciting world.

Clockworks is a great webcomic that has been really fun to watch grow over the period of a year and I can’t wait to see what Shawn does in the future, artistically and story related!

Keep up the good work Shawn!

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One thought

  1. Rock on! Thanks for the write up!

    The Clockworks Test Drive will be out this week, featuring an update of character creation and magic and weird science rules. After that I’m sure I’ll have tons of stuff for you to test out.

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