Pathfinder Character Creation, Part 1

Ok.. Ok.. Time to blog.. I’ve been neck deep in studying and writing stuff for my Pathfinder game and finishing up stuff on my Wrath of Zombie game.

So as I had mentioned a little bit ago, I decided that my friends and I needed to get back to some good ol DnDage. None of use care for 4e and we all love 3.5 so it was time to put my shiny unused Pathfinder Core Rule Book and Bestiary to some play time!

So first I have to give a hearty thank you to Kim and Tim over at Return to Northmoor podcast for an awesome listening experience and all of the hard work they put into the project. It was full of ideas and good advice for any DM’s campaign. So thanks!

I would recommend, even if you can’t spend to the time to listen to all 22 of their podcasts, definitely listen to the Meta Game ones (there are 4 of them). Really awesome stuff on there!

The Campaign Setting

So I decided that I would set the game in Golarion, the Pathfinder Campaign Setting. This book (and I’m STILL not totally done reading it) is amazing! It is packed with tons of info. Each nation, and there is 38 of them, has 2 or 4 pages of info. With just those pages there is enough info for you to pretty much run an entire campaign in. Awesome! An updated version is coming out in September (the version I have was published in 2008).

So when I was reading I was kept a mental note of which areas would be the most fun for my players to start in. Then I decided the hell with it, I was gonna do something different from what I normally do.

Character Creation

I wanted to do character creation slightly different this time. I wanted to use some of the suggestions from the DMG II for 4e (I have a review of it for 3.x players- Part I and Part II). I wanted to give the players a little more investment in the world than the standard, “You start here and here is the adventure.” Kinda crap.

When we sat down to make our characters I gave a brief description of all the nations and any pertinent history, while trying to not overload everyone with too much info. I told my players that they were to choose two different nations that seemed interesting to them. One was where they were from, and the second is where they would like the campaign to start.

Everyone talked it over and it was decided that we would start in Galt; a nation that has been in a constant state of revolution for the past 40 years. Everyone seemed to really like that. I then asked what kind of campaign they were looking for, more urban, rural, a mix? Pretty much everyone wanted a mix of the two.

Boom! Now I can start crafting my campaign, and it was the players that decided the tone, the where, and the how.

For some campaigns I had out questions for my players to answer, but this one I wanted to take a more simple approach. I wanted to know where the player was from, why they left, and why they ended up in Galt and working for the organization they are currently with (I’ll cover that later). I also wanted them to come up with a tagline for their character that gave a hint of their past and a hook.

Here are some examples I gave my players:

o “A dishonored son seeks to redeem his family name and build himself a future.”
o “A lonely minstrel attempts to recover after the murder of his betrothed, determined to uncover the truth behind her grizzly death.”
o “A beautiful woman of considerable martial skill seeks isolation after losing control and killing her master.”

Everyone continued to roll up their stats and consult the Pathfinder book for their class info while I answered any questions that came about.

TomorrowNPC’s, Choices, Twists, and Complications.

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    1. Thank you thank you. I’ll have more up tomorrow about stuff I took from Northmor, 4e, Mouse Guard, and Savage Worlds that I’m utilizing as well.

      How is the Curse of the Crimson Throne?

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