Clockworks Recap- Choking on Plumes of Smoke

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The Group Votes on Whether to let Jack Keep Burning

After the group recovered from dodging fireballs and cursing Jack for his rash actions, the group set out through another mine tunnel.

The group came up on a landing and looked down into a delved out area where 4 people lay dead upon the floor, at the feet of someone who looked to be made of swirling smoke.

Underneath the man is the symbol that the group has encountered several times.
1) At the alter of the Gentleman Caller
2) Cid has it engraved on his forhead after he inhaled the vapors of the spirit.
3) On the belt of one of the bodies that assaulted them when they were being attacked by the Hubutchu Worm.

Dark Man: We have guests.. Capture them, I wish to question them! I shall return I have matters to attend to! Do NOT fail me here as you did with the worm.

And he disappears in a swirl of smoke.

Suddenly four dark purplish crystals around the room begin glowing and a blot of dark energy shoots out and connects with each of the bodies. The zombies rise and begin to walk towards the party.

The group made quick work of these zombies (mostly thanks to Angie). How I had developed this was that the zombies themselves could not be injured but if the crystal was destroyed, then the zombie would collapse.

The only way the crystals could be injured was by damage from an elemental spell, with full damage, or projectile weapons that hit with a raise would do half damage.

Angie launched 3 bolts at 3d6 damage each. She sent each bolt at a different crystal. She did massive damage and destroyed two in the initial volley and cracked the third one.

Liam then jumped down (and I applaud him here for his creative thinking… just too bad it didn’t pan out), and broke open their last flashlight and attempted to use the mirror to redirect the beam. It just wasn’t strong enough and the group watched, shocked, as Liam’s arm was disintegrated from the elbow down.

Angie made quick work of the last two and we ended the session there.

We actually got to play a week later, rather than our usual once every two weeks. I was a happy GM.

Side Note: I am FINALLY caught up to the current session we just had. So much happened in the last three sessions and all were enjoyable with no real hiccups!

Coming up next– Insanity Reigns!

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