Clockworks Recap- The Women are Bloodthirsty?!

Part I here.


Angie- Jane Goodwin (human/elementalist)
Elmer- Orson Vastol Duran (human)
Drew- Cid Evenblood (human)
John- Noah Walker- (Faeblooded)
Liam- Jean-Claude “Bloody Bones” Zeeman (faeblooded “elf”/wannabe vampire)
Jack- Sir Pendington Gastly (human)
Sam (female)- Candy Maurino (human)

All the Best Intentions go to Waste

The girls made their way to the abandoned mine to find two guards outside, doing pretty much anything but their job. Jane and Candy snuck up behind them with the expertise of assassins, struck, killing the guards in one blow each. They took their clothes, hid the bodies, and made their way back to the others. Once everyone was gathered together they all made their way back to the mine.

The group entered the mine with Santos (Elmer’s NPC minion). They found manacles and a mine cart leading on tracks into the darkness. The group manacled Santos but weakened the links so he could break free and join the fight if need be. Orson, Cid, and Noah hid in the mine cart while the others were dressed in enemy garb.

Eventually they came into a room that had a large conveyer belt that was crushing rocks (think Temple of Doom). There were three doors on the far end with one guard sleeping in a chair.

Candy and Jane decide to once again strike from the shadows and slice and dice the sleeping guard. They quickly worked out a plan that seemed pretty solid… until…. A case of stupidity struck…

See Rule: Never Mess With Angie

As the girls started to creep towards the snoozing guard, Liam exclaims, “I draw out my dagger, hold it in front of me and charge at the guard.”

Angie reacted quickly and said, “No. I put out my foot and trip him!” I had both Angie and Liam do opposing Agility rolls. Angie came out the victor (by quite a long shot).

Jean-Claude hit Jane’s foot and went flying onto the conveyor belt and was almost crushed but belly flopped off onto the ground with a crash near the guard.

Side Note: This is a perfect example of how one little action can send an adventure careening out of control.

The din brought by Liam caused the guard to awaken, get to his feet, and shout something down one of the doorways, and open fire on the group. Everyone dove for cover and after a few seconds of flying led, Cid was able to put a bullet in the back of the guard as he retreated down one of the doorways.

As the group recovered Orson told the NPC Santos to guard the door that the guard had shouted down. As Santos got to the door he pulled out his rifle and shouted, “We’ve got company!”

Orson: “How many?”

Santos takes a shot, “About eight or nine! Hurry, I can’t hold them all myself.”

The group, again, starts taking defensive positions, but it becomes quickly apparent that they are going to be in a world of hurt.

I’m an EVIL Bastard

Side Note: I am infamous for giving my players a boon, but playing the devil as well.. An cheerfully exasperated Kinal (one of my players) once said, “You can NEVER just give us anything.. can you?! You always have to have a twist, or a price that must be paid!”

I love twists, and I love not giving things for free. I do this because there is the chance that some WONDERFUL situations and role-playing my spawn out of it.

So as the group was dodging led from the assailants in the other room, I nudge Jack and hand him a piece of paper simply stating, “If you burn X bennies, you find a small keg of gunpowder in the corner of the room by you.”

This is from last session, explaining Jack:

Jack, who plays Sir Pendleten, is chaos incarnate. Some GM’s would hate a player like Jack (and I know SOMETIMES my players would like nothing but to string up his character and let the birds peck his eyes out, but largely his chaos is humorous, spontaneous, and enjoyable. Seriously, this is the man in a DnD campaign was on top of a parapet (playing sorcerer) while the other players were in the promenade fighting hand to hand against the castle guards and cast fireball into the area (that was also filled with barrels of gunpowder) and cooked everyone. Some how the players survived, barely.

I will not feign ignorance as to the situation I created. I knew perfectly well that I just handed an opium addict a loaded pipe. So Jack leapt into action on his turn.

Jack: (explains the burning of bennies for the situation to many stunned faces in the party) I take the keg of gunpowder and throw it down the hallway where the guys are, draw my gun, and shoot it (he smiles like it is Christmas).

As Jack shoots the barrel Santos attempts to reach him screaming, “NO WE’RE TOO CLO-“


The group sees poor Santos incinerated and Sir Pendington Gastly go rocketing back, on fire, and crash against the opposite wall.

When the dust settles the room where the guards where charging from has collapsed, and the players all came off a little better than expected.

Coming up Next– Purple Crystals, a Flesh Monster, and the Dark Man!!

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  1. Awesome.

    My players don’t have much of a tendancy for random chaos as they do deftly avoiding the plot, and also for beating the ever loving crap out of stuff.

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