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A Pathfinder Game Cometh

I bought the Pathfinder Core Rulebook when it first came out, much like a rabid dog sinking its teeth into a mailman’s leg, absolutely ecstatic that my beloved 3.5 was getting a caressing and lovingly well-done facelift.

I am truly pleased with what Piazo has done with 3.5 and the love put into their product.

Sadly I haven’t been able to run a Pathfinder campaign due to limited game time and that I’ve been, largely, focusing on my play test of Shawn Gaston’s Savage Worlds Steampunk Homebrew Setting, Clockworks.

No more however. The 3.5 bug is biting me in the ass again and I’ll start alternating between Clockworks and Pathfinder.

Where to Run, Where to Run…

At first I began formulating a homebrew setting that was inspired by Wicked (the book by Gregory Maguire and not that bastardization of the story on Broadway), mixed with elements of Star Wars, World War II, intrigue, and other things I’m honestly blanking on right now.

As I started writing my homebrew world I got to about 15 pages of info, a map using Hexographer, and other things completed, and started realizing that it was taking too much of my time to really formulate this world to where I am familiar with it, and have enough history and texture to make it a vibrant living world.

There are other reasons as well. The thing I originally envisioned was the essence of simplicity and yet obtaining a magical world, but to put in all the things I wanted it just didn’t fit with the original premise anymore and, in all honestly, might make a great story, but an uninteresting world for a RPG.

So I was thinking about going back to my old staple campaign setting that I love: Eberron. However I’ve been running Dungeons and Dragons games in Eberron since it first came out in 2004. I want a change.

I knew that there was a Pathfinder Campaign Setting out there and looked it up and saw, to my delight, that it has gotten pretty damned good reviews on every site that I looked on.

So I ordered a used copy from Amazon (should be here soon) for a really awesome price.

Once it is here I will include a review of the product and my thoughts on the different regions, as well as start giving my overview of developing the story and etc as I read it.

Somewhere between the Vomited Fermented Goats Milk and the Threesome, Things Got Out of Control…

Previous Recap here.

Angie- Jane Goodwin (human/elementalist)
Elmer- Orson Vastol Duran (human)
Drew- Cid Evenblood (human)
John- Noah Walker- (Faeblooded)
Liam- Jean-Claude “Bloody Bones” Zeeman (faeblooded “elf”/wannabe vampire)
Sam (female)- Candy Maurino (human)
Omar- “Rapiduro” Dominic Delavego (human)

Insanity Reigns

This session was all about fun, and the consequences be damned. Most of it I blame on Omar making is appearance in our Clockworks game (FINALLY the busy bastard).

The group cleaned themselves up after dealing with the zombies that were somehow being powered by the crystals and found a doorway at the other end of the room and ventured down it to explore.

The group heard a clanging rattling and found an old generator room that was once used to power the mine, but hadn’t been used in many years. Wires had been ripped out of the old machines and plugged into a small boxy contraption that had a large glass tube on the top with a swirling greenish gas. Small nodes stuck out of the box on all four corners and ever so often a zap of electricity would pop from them and strike the glass, causing the gas to swirl faster.

Noah: “ooooooo… I want one.”

Group: “What the hell is it?”

Noah: “A compact ether electric generator (He rolled really high to know what it was with his Knowledge Science check). It’s the latest model, and really expensive.”

Orson: “Who the hell would have the money to transport something like that here? I’m assuming its Great Republic tech?”

Noah: “Yeah. I want it.”

Orson: “I’ll buy you one, let’s keep looking around.”

The group then continued down another passage way. They could see flicking lights and a fetid decaying smell filled the air.

The group entered a chamber where a dais held a mound of dehydrated looking animals and people, all showing signs of extreme pain in the last moments of their life. The bodies near the top of the mound were fresher and a blackish liquid was dripping down into a large puddle of the same substance along the floor, creating a moat.

Cid: “What do we do?”

Candy took action and grabbed a torch off the wall and tossed it at the liquid. It landed and slowly sank till it disappeared from sight.

Cid became bolstered by the lack of reaction from the black bubbling goo and decided to stick the tip of his sword in. The moment the tip of the blade hit the liquid something shot out of the goo, and struck Jean-Claude in the face (it was the torch). The liquid started burning his face. Cid’s sword was yanked out of his hand and disappeared into the liquid as something large began to rise out of it.

Drew: “Ah crap… I just gave it a sword, didn’t I?”

Me: “Yep.”

A large patchwork creature of various body parts of humans and animals rose up and started laying into the group.

Orson decided things were too scary for him and he bolted back into the generator room.

The Dark Man

The group actually made quick work of the fleshy mound thanks to Omar doing a running slide up to the creature and blew its brains out with a double barreled shotgun.

Orson however was not faring so well in the generator room.

As he was hiding in there he saw movement and realized that he wasn’t alone. The figure wrapped in smoke suddenly appeared and started laying into Orson, who attempted to tackle him and went right through him. As the Dark Man was working some sort of evil magic that would turn Orson to a gooey stain on the floor, Elmer acted quickly and shot at the Ether generator attempting to crack the casing so to ignite the gas and hurt the man. This was too cool an idea to pass up so Elmer rolled and it happened. Fire shot out, barely missing Orson, and the Dark Man shrieked in pain and disappeared.

Chaos Ensues

The next part I won’t go into lengthy details but the group ventured out of the mines and made their way back to village of the Ironian’s that helped them in the gunfight against the cult members.

Sanity went out of the window during this part of the session.


• Group discovered upon entering the village that this was a celebration for Santos (now dead) for his upcoming wedding. Drew (Cid) had to explain to his bride (was oh so wonderfully uncomfortable) how he died. She is now a wild card npc (something the whole group agreed on) and is coming with the group for a little bit.

• Orson talking to the chief about the symbol that the group keeps encountering as well as knowledge of the different creatures of the Ironian City States.

• Noah and Candy attempting to drink fermented goats milk and both failing on their rolls (John-Noah with a critical failure). Candy ended up making a b-line for the bathroom, scaring the local tribe people. Noah, however, discovered he is severely allergic (he now has Allergy- Major hindrance) to goats milk and became violently ill, spewing the substance all over a little girl who was curious about the adventurers, and Noah in particular.

o This incurred the wrath of the chief’s wife, a powerful Air Elementalist (the Chief is an Earth Elementalist himself). She ranted at him and forced him to clean the girl off.

• Rapiduro used his good looks and INSANELY high charisma and attempted to get three girls to go to bed with him. He succeeded on too, but botched the third. She became insulted and enraged and stormed off, seeking the chief and telling him that one of the strangers suggested that she engage in perverse and vile acts with him, and two girls (she dropped two names). Suddenly the chief explodes in anger and says one of the girls names loudly (Illiana, I believe).

o Chief: “Illiana?! My daughter?”

o The whole group cracks up laughing and Omar has a “oh shit” look on his face.

o Suddenly the ground beneath the hut that Rapiduro is in caves and the two girls and him find themselves in a heap of rubble as the chief bellows out, “Outlander!! Come face me!!”

o Omar comes up with a brilliant, if not totally dirtbag plan. He coerces the girls to say that they were just in the tent discussing the customs of their tribe and that was it.

o We rolled and it worked. In the end the girl who came to the chief was ousted as a heretic and liar and cast from the village.

o Candy felt for her and has agreed to take her with the group and help her get on her feet in Clorencia City.

• The session ended with Rapiduro making a snide comment to the exiled girl and Candy landing a spectacular punch, knocking him flat on his ass.

Candy: “You ever say anything like that again, and I’ll kill you.” A breeze kicks up a layer of dust that blows through their camp.

Next Clockworks Session in June– Still Stranded in the Ironian City States!!

Clockworks Recap- Choking on Plumes of Smoke

Previous Recape Here.

The Group Votes on Whether to let Jack Keep Burning

After the group recovered from dodging fireballs and cursing Jack for his rash actions, the group set out through another mine tunnel.

The group came up on a landing and looked down into a delved out area where 4 people lay dead upon the floor, at the feet of someone who looked to be made of swirling smoke.

Underneath the man is the symbol that the group has encountered several times.
1) At the alter of the Gentleman Caller
2) Cid has it engraved on his forhead after he inhaled the vapors of the spirit.
3) On the belt of one of the bodies that assaulted them when they were being attacked by the Hubutchu Worm.

Dark Man: We have guests.. Capture them, I wish to question them! I shall return I have matters to attend to! Do NOT fail me here as you did with the worm.

And he disappears in a swirl of smoke.

Suddenly four dark purplish crystals around the room begin glowing and a blot of dark energy shoots out and connects with each of the bodies. The zombies rise and begin to walk towards the party.

The group made quick work of these zombies (mostly thanks to Angie). How I had developed this was that the zombies themselves could not be injured but if the crystal was destroyed, then the zombie would collapse.

The only way the crystals could be injured was by damage from an elemental spell, with full damage, or projectile weapons that hit with a raise would do half damage.

Angie launched 3 bolts at 3d6 damage each. She sent each bolt at a different crystal. She did massive damage and destroyed two in the initial volley and cracked the third one.

Liam then jumped down (and I applaud him here for his creative thinking… just too bad it didn’t pan out), and broke open their last flashlight and attempted to use the mirror to redirect the beam. It just wasn’t strong enough and the group watched, shocked, as Liam’s arm was disintegrated from the elbow down.

Angie made quick work of the last two and we ended the session there.

We actually got to play a week later, rather than our usual once every two weeks. I was a happy GM.

Side Note: I am FINALLY caught up to the current session we just had. So much happened in the last three sessions and all were enjoyable with no real hiccups!

Coming up next– Insanity Reigns!

Clockworks Recap- The Women are Bloodthirsty?!

Part I here.


Angie- Jane Goodwin (human/elementalist)
Elmer- Orson Vastol Duran (human)
Drew- Cid Evenblood (human)
John- Noah Walker- (Faeblooded)
Liam- Jean-Claude “Bloody Bones” Zeeman (faeblooded “elf”/wannabe vampire)
Jack- Sir Pendington Gastly (human)
Sam (female)- Candy Maurino (human)

All the Best Intentions go to Waste

The girls made their way to the abandoned mine to find two guards outside, doing pretty much anything but their job. Jane and Candy snuck up behind them with the expertise of assassins, struck, killing the guards in one blow each. They took their clothes, hid the bodies, and made their way back to the others. Once everyone was gathered together they all made their way back to the mine.

The group entered the mine with Santos (Elmer’s NPC minion). They found manacles and a mine cart leading on tracks into the darkness. The group manacled Santos but weakened the links so he could break free and join the fight if need be. Orson, Cid, and Noah hid in the mine cart while the others were dressed in enemy garb.

Eventually they came into a room that had a large conveyer belt that was crushing rocks (think Temple of Doom). There were three doors on the far end with one guard sleeping in a chair.

Candy and Jane decide to once again strike from the shadows and slice and dice the sleeping guard. They quickly worked out a plan that seemed pretty solid… until…. A case of stupidity struck…

See Rule: Never Mess With Angie

As the girls started to creep towards the snoozing guard, Liam exclaims, “I draw out my dagger, hold it in front of me and charge at the guard.”

Angie reacted quickly and said, “No. I put out my foot and trip him!” I had both Angie and Liam do opposing Agility rolls. Angie came out the victor (by quite a long shot).

Jean-Claude hit Jane’s foot and went flying onto the conveyor belt and was almost crushed but belly flopped off onto the ground with a crash near the guard.

Side Note: This is a perfect example of how one little action can send an adventure careening out of control.

The din brought by Liam caused the guard to awaken, get to his feet, and shout something down one of the doorways, and open fire on the group. Everyone dove for cover and after a few seconds of flying led, Cid was able to put a bullet in the back of the guard as he retreated down one of the doorways.

As the group recovered Orson told the NPC Santos to guard the door that the guard had shouted down. As Santos got to the door he pulled out his rifle and shouted, “We’ve got company!”

Orson: “How many?”

Santos takes a shot, “About eight or nine! Hurry, I can’t hold them all myself.”

The group, again, starts taking defensive positions, but it becomes quickly apparent that they are going to be in a world of hurt.

I’m an EVIL Bastard

Side Note: I am infamous for giving my players a boon, but playing the devil as well.. An cheerfully exasperated Kinal (one of my players) once said, “You can NEVER just give us anything.. can you?! You always have to have a twist, or a price that must be paid!”

I love twists, and I love not giving things for free. I do this because there is the chance that some WONDERFUL situations and role-playing my spawn out of it.

So as the group was dodging led from the assailants in the other room, I nudge Jack and hand him a piece of paper simply stating, “If you burn X bennies, you find a small keg of gunpowder in the corner of the room by you.”

This is from last session, explaining Jack:

Jack, who plays Sir Pendleten, is chaos incarnate. Some GM’s would hate a player like Jack (and I know SOMETIMES my players would like nothing but to string up his character and let the birds peck his eyes out, but largely his chaos is humorous, spontaneous, and enjoyable. Seriously, this is the man in a DnD campaign was on top of a parapet (playing sorcerer) while the other players were in the promenade fighting hand to hand against the castle guards and cast fireball into the area (that was also filled with barrels of gunpowder) and cooked everyone. Some how the players survived, barely.

I will not feign ignorance as to the situation I created. I knew perfectly well that I just handed an opium addict a loaded pipe. So Jack leapt into action on his turn.

Jack: (explains the burning of bennies for the situation to many stunned faces in the party) I take the keg of gunpowder and throw it down the hallway where the guys are, draw my gun, and shoot it (he smiles like it is Christmas).

As Jack shoots the barrel Santos attempts to reach him screaming, “NO WE’RE TOO CLO-“


The group sees poor Santos incinerated and Sir Pendington Gastly go rocketing back, on fire, and crash against the opposite wall.

When the dust settles the room where the guards where charging from has collapsed, and the players all came off a little better than expected.

Coming up Next– Purple Crystals, a Flesh Monster, and the Dark Man!!

Wrath of Zombie Playtest- Further Development

Yesterday was a great day for feedback for my Wrath of Zombie campaign setting! I talked with quite a few people and garnered some really good insight and also came up with a few new ideas that I have added to the beta or am working on currently to be added at a later date.

Quite a few things have changed in the beta from when I put it live on Tuesday. Here is a list of some of the things have that have been changed or added:

Changed Character Sheet and 5 Pregens have been fixed and are back up!

Added Beast Master to Edges
Added Table of Contents
Grit has been removed from Wrath of Zombie*
Survivor’s Guilt (Hindrance) has been changed to Survivor (Edge)*
Dependant (Hindrance) has been changed to Dead Weight (Hindrance)*
Added information about “Feel” of a Wrath of Zombie campaign setting

Currently in Works
2 Written Adventures

*= Thanks to Pinnacles Forums for help in these matters!

As there have been a few changes and there have been alterations to the character sheets, I am putting them up on this post (fresh). There will most likely not been an update for the beta until I get a bit more feedback and playtesting done myself.

The reason that these changes have been posted is that they were either substantial or vital requirements.

Again, always looking for feedback!

If you download anything, just shoot me a comment (this helps me estimate the traffic) and then you can reach me at my email ( .

Thanks again!

These have been updated as of 07/20/11. Here is the update notes.
Wrath of Zombie Survival Horror RPG v3

Enemy Sheets v3

Wrath of Zombie Character Sheet v3

Wrath of Zombie Character Sheet Merc v3

Wrath of Zombie Character Sheet Psychic v3

Wrath of Zombie Character Sheet Scavanger v3

Wrath of Zombie Character Sheet Scum Bag v3

Wrath of Zombie Playtest Part II- An Addition.

I Made a Boo-Boo

So I’m a little Re-Re and forgot to put up the enemy sheet that I created for Wrath of Zombie! Doh!

So you can find them back at on the playtest page.

The enemies will all give a party a run for their money. The booklet includes the various types of zombie I mentioned in the WoZ handbook, as well as Mutated Creatures, Ferals, and Infected. This includes the most terrifying infected creature… The infected Squirrel! Good luck surviving this little bastard!

Again thanks to all who take a look at it and I’m looking forward to feedback! Thanks!

Wrath of Zombie Playtest- Looking for Feedback

These have been updated as of 07/20/11. Here is the update notes.
Wrath of Zombie Survival Horror RPG v3

Enemy Sheets v3

Wrath of Zombie Character Sheet v3

Wrath of Zombie Character Sheet Merc v3

Wrath of Zombie Character Sheet Psychic v3

Wrath of Zombie Character Sheet Scavanger v3

Wrath of Zombie Character Sheet Scum Bag v3

Edit from 5/5/10- I posted WoZ on the Pinnacle Forums and have gotten some really good feedback from the community! Also there was some changes made due to copyright issues and the like that I did not want to infringe upon.

So there is a new character sheet and changes to the beta setting book. The 5 pregens are undergoing the same make over as the blank sheet but sadly I’ll have to redo them from scratch because of the way they were saved.. Doh!

Again a HUGE thank you for everyone who has so far given feedback! Keep it coming!

Hey all, as mentioned a few blog posts ago part of the reason that I have been absent is a RPG project I have been working on, and here it is.

Wrath of Zombie! These are all in PDF format.

Due to changes made on 5/5 and 5/6, the new PDFs can be found here!

This is a Zombie Survival Horror role-playing setting using the Savage Worlds system.

Feel free to download WoZ and look through it! There is only a few things I ask:

1) Please leave a comment saying you haven downloaded it so I can see who is grabbing it up.
2) If you have constructive feedback feel free to email me at

Aside from the Wrath of Zombie rule book I have put up 5 pregen characters and a black character sheet. I’m hoping in the future to have a few one page adventures written as well.

The artwork is not quite finished yet and once the setting moves closer to completion it will be up as well.

Again, thanks to everyone who has taken a moment to look at this. I’ve worked pretty hard on it and hope everyone enjoys it.