Clockworks Recap- Catching up

Sorry it has been SO long since I did a recap or really posted anything for that matter. School has been busy and I have had blinders on except for a RPG Campaign Setting project I have been working on.

Once the project is done to my satisfaction I will be posting it on my blog. So yay.. Happy days there.

The first part of this recap will continue from our adventure from a month ago, then will kick gears into our session from 4/18.

For a refresher: Recap 1, Recap 2, Recap 3.

Was That Just a baby?

Sir Pennington Gastly began scouting for the Hubutchu Worm after the Whirlie crash while the rest of the group attempted to surmise repairs and lamenting the loss of their gear.

Sir Pennington Gastly found tracks, some blood, and a large hole in the ground.

*A Side Note* Jack, who plays Sir Pendleten, is chaos incarnate. Some GM’s would hate a player like Jack (and I know SOMETIMES my players would like nothing but to string up his character and let the birds peck his eyes out, but largely his chaos is humorous, spontaneous, and enjoyable. Seriously, this is the man in a DnD campaign was on top of a parapet (playing sorcerer) while the other players were in the promenade fighting hand to hand against the castle guards and cast fireball into the area (that was also filled with barrels of gunpowder) and cooked everyone. Some how the players survived, barely.

Sir Pennington Gastly decided to light a Molotov Cocktail and throw it down the hole so he could get a better view. Suddenly there was a roar and the ground started to rumble. Sir Pennington Gastly started to sprint back towards the group yelling he found the worm just as it burst out of the hole.

I based it off of the DnD 3.5 Purple Worm, but converted it to SW.

The group made pretty quick work of it, landing some spectacular raises in the damage department (and the fact that the worm was not a wild card enemy). As the worm died the group was pissed because they were sent to find and capture the worm alive.

Jack looks at the group and says, “Wouldn’t it suck if that worm was only a baby?!”

I ponder and chuckle to self, “yes.. Yes it would suck.”

We ended the session there.

Sadly we weren’t able to play for a month.

Chaos Reigns Session from 4/18

The Players

Angie- Jane Goodwin (human/elementalist)
Elmer- Orson Vastol Duran (human)
Drew- Cid Evenblood (human)
John- Noah Walker- (Faeblooded)
Liam- Jean-Claude “Bloody Bones” Zeeman (faeblooded “elf”/wannabe vampire)
Jack- Sir Pendington Gastly (human)
Sam (female)- Candy Maurino (human)

I am going to give this session a brief recap with some humorous details here and there (we are role-playing this Sunday and I want to be fully caught up for that recap)

This session was spent mostly in combat (3 different battles), and each of them took a toll on the party. The funny, wonderful, and interesting thing is that even though the majority of the session was spent in combat, quite a bit of stuff happened. I love that.

The Worm

So as stated earlier, the first worm was just a baby. The mother soon appeared (and this big bitch was a wild card), and made it much more difficult on the players. Her thick carapace made it hard to score a hit.

The fight was made more difficult when men dressed in all black (much like Arabian Nights) start shooting at the group from higher more well covered ground.

The group each took cover but not before taking some damage (mostly John and Angie).

Eventually the group took out the worm and then enough of the shooters that the survivors fled. They were also aided by a chief of a small peaceful tribe. The leader was Bract Yutul (earth elementalist).

The group and he exchanged info and it is discovered that the cloaked figures have been capturing all sorts of animals in the Ironian City States as well as kidnapping member of Yutul’s tribe.

In exchange for some much needed equipment and a guide (Elmer’s body guard, Michael, was killed during the gun fight), the group would go explore an abandoned mine that was once operated by the Great Republic where the mysterious group was believed to be based.

Some of the group dressed up in the dead men’s clothing and started heading for the mine with their new guide Santos.

Next– The Women are Blood Thirsty?!

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