Herpa Derpa Dink and a question about Traveller.

So I’ve been busy and away from posting for a few weeks now. So I’m sorry. Reasoning, aside from RL activities and school work, is that I have been busy at work for a role-playing idea that I had.. I have been hammering out the details and it is coming along nicely..

I know I am being vague here, but once the project is done 100% I shall be putting it up on the blog for anyone to snatch up or whatever..

Now a few weeks back I mentioned wanting to run a sci-fi game that wasn’t Star Wars (possibly, may just end up doing Star Wars because we all love it.. save my gf). I’ve seen quite a few people mention Traveller and whatnot… I’m curious on people’s opinions of it.. And which rule-set of Traveller is the best. Is there a Savage Worlds rule set? How does the T-20 lite rule set hold up?

Thanks much!


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One response to “Herpa Derpa Dink and a question about Traveller.

  • Astronut

    I can’t speak for the Traveller sets, but there is no Savage Worlds straight sf setting (as far as I’m aware) as yet. What there is, is a set of 3 PDF toolkits by “Wiggy” – Science Fiction Gear Toolkit, Science Fiction Bestiary Toolkit and Science Fiction World Builder Toolkits – available from Pinnacles’ site or Drivethru for about 13 dollars apiece. They’re basically GURPS-style grab bag collections of new rules, equipment, monsters, advice and so forth, for building your own setting.

    Also, Battlefield Press will be releasing their Traveller-based version of the Terran Trade Authority RPG (originally a d20-based game by Morrigan) in the summer and are doing a Savaged edition as well. The TTA setting is based on a set of 4 British hardbacks from the early 80s, featuring a set of stories and background information based on novel cover artwork. It’s kind of Traveller or Firefly in feel (although lower-tech than Trav) with added weird events (wrecked ships, mysterious aliens and psionic planets…). You can find out more on Wikipedia if you’re interested.


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