Rest in Peace: Peter Steele

An Awesome Goth/Metal Singer Gone.

Peter Steele, lead singer of Type O’ Negative, passed away from heart failure yesterday, at age 48.

I love Type O’ Negative! Bloody Kisses and October Rust are two of my all time favorite albums. Type O’s music is dark, melodic, brooding, and metal.

The reason I put this on a role-playing blog is I can’t count how many RPG fans are also Type O’ Fans. Hell my fondest early role-playing memories are of me sitting at my friends house listening to Type O’ while playing AD&D (2e) or Vampire the Masquarade.

I’m happy I still have all Type O’s music for my games, but I am sad that no more shall be coming. The dark cloud that is Peter Steele has disapated, and for that I am truly saddened.

I shall end this with words of wisdom from Peter Steele himself:
“Jesus Christ looks like me, Jesus Christ yeah.. Jesus Christ does (while pelvic thrusting)!”


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