Clockworks Session Recap, Part 3- The Real Adventure Beings

Recap One Here, Two Here.

Set Course for Adventure

After the ball the session fast forwarded to two weeks later. The group was summoned to a meeting room next to Dr. Ludgrove’s office. Inside the group found Agent Crane waiting for them (even though she was just in the Gentleman Caller pre-made adventure, I liked her personality and decided to keep her on as a reoccurring character and the Department of Public Health and Safety operative that the group reports to). At the table were several lumpy manila envelopes.

Agent Crane hands the parcel belonging to each individual. When the group opens it they find a small billfold. This is their “badge” w/ a certificate that shows they are working with the D.P.H.S. Here is what the badge read:

“(Character name) is an official Constables and Investigators of Supernatural and Undesirable Activity (C.I.S.U.A.). The mentioned individual will be serving as a liaison and official employee of the Clorencia University Department of Unnatural Biology (C.U.D.U.B.), and active in conjunction and cooperation with the Department of Public Health and Safety (D.P.H.S.)”

Agent Crane says that this appointment will allow any member of the group to enter a crime scene believed to have involvement with the supernatural or undesirables. This will also mean the group will continue doing top secret missions for the D.P.H.S.

The group is told that they are to depart tomorrow for the Ironian City States. There are rumors of a live Habutchu Worm (something I made up). The group is to go there, observe the creature in its natural habitat to see if it is a natural creature or a mutation/undesirable and then capture it alive.

A Habutchu Worm is a creature that was thought to be of Ironian Mythos until 100 years ago when the skeleton of one was discovered by archeologist/adventurer Dr. Hessingston of the Great Republic. The skeleton now resides in DUB warehouse. The myth of the Habutchu Worm states that the creature burrows deep underground and eats meat, but prefers the flesh of man.

The group will be traveling aboard the Great Republic Iron Clad (G.R.I.C.) Flagship, Indomitable, captained by famous and honorable Oliver Hennessy. The airship is on its way to the Vori Islands to do a fly by just to remind the Free Islands and the Vori Island Pirates.

The group travel on the Indomitable for 2 days without any incident. On the 3rd day the group was milling in the mess hall when an alarm went off and a voice called all to stations and for the group to report to the bridge.

When they arrived at the bridge, the crew was in a flurry of activity. An SOS had been sounded by the Great Republic Trade Ship (G.R.T.S.) The Mark. It is under heavy fire by Vori Island Air Pirates and taking elemental damage.

Captain Oliver Hennessy ponders for a moment, looking out of the view port. He then turns to the bridge. “Give the call to arms, all hands to battle stations! I want the element of surprise. Prepare the dirigible for ascension and the blades for faster speed. I want to come at them from a higher altitude.” He walks over to the group. “I am sorry but we will not be touching down with you. We are needed to defend a ship of the Great Republic with all due haste and possible force.” He walks over to the captain’s chair, “Prepare the Whirlies. They need to disembark in 15 minutes. Second Officer Carlson, help expedite their departure.” The captain then pulls a map towards him and start working.

The Whirlies

The group is then escorted down to the bottom cargo bay of the ship. There they see the contraptions aptly called, “whirlies:”

You see a tall cylindrical tube, 8 feet tall with metal pointed cone style roof with slated metal sheets, 3 feet tall. There are six seats. One seat at each of the following directions, N, E, S, W, NE, and NW. In the positions of SE and SW are large tanks that have copper tubes going from them to underneath the slated roof. There are gears around both tubs as well. All the seats have harnesses. There are also squatter rounder whirlies for cargo.

The group was then asked to put all of their gear in the cargo whirlie, which they did (Save Jack/Sir Pendleton) and then strapped to their seats. Two men operated a series of cranes that grabbed the top of the Whirlie and suspended them just above the ground. Then the floor opens up and the group can see just how high up they are.


His voice is drowned out by another series of alarms.

Group: “No what?! What did he say?!”

Operator: “GOOD LUCK!!”

He threw three levers and each one of the “Whirlies” are released.

After free falling for a few, the blades popped open and began turning, slowing the fall to that of a feather.

The Whirlie part was fun for the adventure because I had the two passenger ones begin to overheat and Angie used Elemental Manipulation on both of them to cool them. While she was doing that, the cargo one began smoking, sputtered, and stopped working.. It plummeted to the ground with a loud explosion.

The group landed safely and began looking through the wreckage of the cargo whirlie for the remains of their gear.

I’m an Asshole

I decided (albeit this is completely unrealistic, but made for fast rolling) that EVERYTHING in the cargo whirlie had a 75% chance to be destroyed. So I went through everyone’s character sheet and rolled, and checked off that which needed to be removed from their inventory.

After much mutinous mutterings and dirty looks, my players complied. I told them that it was all in good fun and to make them have to improvise and not just rely on what they bought since character creation. I still don’t think they have forgiven me.

The group began arguing about what to do next: signal for help (which would require them to rebuild the wireless Morse Code system) or begin looking for the Habutchu Worm.

While this was going on Sir Pendleton began looking for tracks of the worm. And he found them

Tomorrow– Sir Pendleton makes a booboo.

Side Note For This Adventure: I came up with the idea of the “Whirlie” first (My player Elmer drew an awesome pic of the Whirlie that I will scan and post soon.) and fell in love with the idea and decided to make an adventure that would have that in it. The story evolved into this.

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