Clockworks Session Recap- To the Ball

Angie- Jane Goodwin (human/elementalist)
Elmer- Orson Vastol Duran (human)
Drew- Cid Evenblood (human)
John- Noah Walker- (Faeblooded)
Liam- Jean-Claude “Bloody Bones” Zeeman (faeblooded “elf”/wannabe vampire)
Jack- Sir Pendington Gastly (human)

Off to the Ball

When we last left off, the group had been invited to a ball at the High Life Club on the 11th level of Clorencia City (I recommend clicking on this link to see an awesome picture of the city) by Neigel Pendleton the III.

The group got dressed up for the ball, paid for by Orson of course, and headed to the 11th level. The entire trip Orson imparted his wisdom of Gentry etiquette.

John looks at me, “You know what.. No.. I’m wearing my tie as a belt and my bullet proof vest over my shirt. I’m not playing by their rules.” Everyone knew that that ball was going to be interesting, especially now. Due to John dressing in this way and being a Faeblooded, the rich took him as being “special” and was referred to as the “special boy” all night.

When the group arrived inside the immaculate High Life Club Orson, Cid, Noah, and Jean-Claude headed straight for the bar to have a drink before meeting Neigel while Jane went to the dance floor to cut a rug (music of my Clockworks game)with an awkward, attractive, and “unstuffy” gentleman.

Things Take a Turn

Cid walks up to the bartender and asks what the most expensive drink on the menu is.

Bartender: “Well sir. We have this exquisite drink from San Khotal (it is a golden liquid with a fire red swirl in the middle). This drink is said to be mystical and the drinker will embark on a ‘spiritual’ journey.”

Drew (out of character): “So basically you are saying this stuff is liquid peyote…”

ME: (shrug) Maybe.

Cid: “What do you have that is more expensive than that?”

Bartender: “We have two bottles of this drink in stock.”

Cid: “I’ll take them.”

With that, Cid takes the drinks, starts chugging them, and ambles onto the dance floor while Jane is jitterbugging with an enthusiastic date. As Cid continues to drink everything in his vision is sufficed in a golden haze. People had a golden aura and surrounding them and a red haze at the core of their body.

You Do What?!…

As Cid was looking around I described him seeing Jane and her dance partner in the same golden hue, but a little bit behind her was shadow figure (much like a wraith) that was twitching and hunched over. The figure looked towards Cid and let out a soft moan. There was a smoke-like mist flowing off the creature.

Cid: “Ok.. I walk over to this figure.”

ME: “Ok. It’s twitching, letting out a moaning noise, and from what you can tell looking at you.”

Cid: “I inhale the smoke.”

There is a deadpan silence that hits the entire room.

Cid: “What? It’s just a hallucination.” Drew looks at me, “Isn’t it?”

ME: “Ok so basically I need you to roll me a Vigor check, minus 4.

Drew failed, go figure.

The group sees Cid walk past Jane, take a big deep breath of nothing and suddenly become rigid, seize up, and fall to the ground twitching. He vomits all over himself and stops breathing.

Orson runs over to his body, “Is there a doctor in the house?!”

Somewhere in the distance, “I’m a doctor.”

Jane runs over, turns him onto his back, and casts Purify (only Orson noticed) and brings Cid back from the jaws of death.

While this was going on, Drew saw the shade sitting on his chest moaning and began tracing its finger on his forehead and he felt a burning sensation.

When Cid came to there is a symbol etched into his forehead. This symbol (see picture) is the one that the group saw inside the Gentleman Callers hide out (what does this mean? Bum bum bum).

Drew: “Crap! That thing was real?!” Dammit.

The group loaded Cid into a Put Put (What I call horseless carriages) and sent him to Orson’s house while the group decided it was time to finally go see Neigel Pendleton the III

Tomorrow: See?! You don’t mess with Angie.

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  1. Very cool. If they’re still going to be around the 11th level next session, let me know and I can shoot you some details I worked up that might show up in the comic in like 3 years.

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