Getcher Steampunk On

Outland Armor

The other day DriveThru RPG had an amazing GM Day sale. If you didn’t take part of it, shame on you!

I was able to buy several awesome steampunk books to use for ideas in my current Clockworks game.

I was able to pick up:

Several Imperial Age books- Victorian Monstrosities, The GameMaster’s Guidebook to Victorian Adventure, Engines, Imperial Age: True 20 Edition, and London.

I also bought:

Gaslight (Savage Worlds Edition) and Brass, Blood, and Steam.

On a previous sale I purchased:


So Much Info

I have yet to fully pour over all of these books and absorb all of the info and convert it (where needed) to Savage Worlds for Clockworks ideas.

The one piece of gold that I’ve found thus far is in the Gaslight book. It has rules for using a wealth skill (much like Mouseguard and other games). I have devised my own for my game, but to be honest I am not particularly thrilled the way it has turned out thus far. I just treated it as a regular skill that can be purchased and raised, just like any other SW trait.

Although my players haven’t abused it by trying to purchase outlandish things, I feel that (say with Elmer’s character, who has the Filthy Rich Edge) there lacks the ability to have a risk of not getting what they want at any given time with out me setting the Target Number (TN) too high, which then is unfair to the other players that aren’t as well off.

I like the Gaslight’s Wealth rules, so I will be using those from now on.

Anyways, each one of these books has something to offer and I will enjoy finding more tidbits of gold to use in my current Clockworks game.


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One response to “Getcher Steampunk On

  • Deltamonk

    Hi. I’ve always been a massive Steampunk fan, but never known where to start – GURPS Steampunk is a bit heavy for my group! Gaslight sounds great, especially in Savage Worlds, I’ll have to give it a go.


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