Clorencian Times From My Clockworks Game

Good day all.

I’ve decided to continue with this little project of every so often doing a Clorencian Times piece for my players in our current Clockworks game. I want these to add a little bit of flavor to the world at large. The first one was a peek at things to come. This one is about someone the characters met in our last session. Here is the characters introduction (vaguely) and the piece will embellish his character further.

Then There Came a Clap Clap Claping and a Big Big Gun

Suddenly the group heard a clapping and a man came through the underbrush (introducing a possible team rival) dressed in the stereotypical Victorian Safari garb. In his arm was a big game gun.

The man introduced himself as Neigel Pendleton the III (the III is added thanks to Drew) and informed that he would be taking the two lions since he had been employed to get them.
Words were exchanged and it became apparent that the group was surrounded by Pendleton’s thugs.

John sprung into action, pulling out one of his contraptions and said it was a bomb and he would kill them all if they tried to take both lion bodies. John succeeded in his taunts check and Pendleton gave in.
As he left he invited them to join him at the High Life Club on the 11th level of Clorencia City.

For This Week

Tomorrow I will be doing another piece on Clockworks. I’m also hoping to have time to do two more blog posts this week. If I get busy (as seems to be the case lately) then the post will go up next week.

See ya tomorrow!

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