Sunday Clockworks Game Recap

First off it had been two months since we last gamed… Very sad.. And since it had been such a long time since we were all together at one time, there was quite a bit of tangent talking. Did this take away from “game time?” You betcha.. Was it enjoyable and fun? You betcha.

This is game is based of the homebrew setting created by Shawn Gaston, using the Savage Worlds game rules. You can view his awesome webcomic here.

Angie- Jane Goodwin (human/elementalist)
Elmer- Orson Vastol Duran (human)
Drew- Cid Evenblood (human)
John- Noah Walker- (Faeblooded)
Liam- Jean-Claude “Bloody Bones” Zeeman (faeblooded “elf”/wannabe vampire)
Sam (female)- Candy Maurino (human) new addition to group- Playing ex cop gone P.I.

The Start

We began the session wrapping up the Gentleman Caller module. Last session we had to stop, due to it being late, right after the party dropped the mysterious villain.

After some exploration we fast forwarded to the next day and the players were informed by a member of the Department of Public Health and Safety that they might have more use for the group in the future.

After that the group separated to do some “nightly” things. Here I wanted to give each person a little spotlight time and allow Sam (who has never role-played before) to see what everyone did.

A Quick Summary

Drew- Went to a rough and tumble bar and was approached by a short faeblooded “goblin” with a serious case of short mans complex, who through my mispronunciation of his name (which I made up) became known “Big Scrunch”. Drew ended up making a short joke of sorts, and got popped in the nuts by Big Scrunch and then after being threatened was offered a job to raid an anti-faeblooded hideout.
Liam- Sat alone is his shitty apartment playing with his new treasured procession the blade previously wielded by the Gentleman Caller.
Elmer- His shifty spoiled rich brother showed up to bug Elmer about a business proposition about mining the ocean floor (a largely untapped) mineral source and sell the minerals to other kingdoms for a large profit, since many of them do not have the advantages of the Great Republics Ether technology.
Angie- Was furious that the remains of the Gentleman Caller were not turned over to the Clorencian University Department of Unnatural Biology by the Department of Public Health and Safety and attempted to go find it briefly and unsuccessfully.
John- Was contacted by an Agent Johnson of the DPHS to start building pieces of schematics that would be left (hidden) is his maintenance office for some unknown purpose.
Sam- Went to a bar to have a dry martini, was hit on by a douche bag who she shot down, and then went about her evening.

What the Fuck is That?!

The next morning Angie was called into the office of the head of the Department of Unnatural Biology, Dr. Ludgrove, and informed that they would be heading west, just outside of Clorencian City to find a possible “unnatural.” Farmers had been complaining of a weird creature killing their livestock and several attacks on humans.

The group set off and Elmer, who has a very weak stomach, ended up being violently sick the whole bouncy drive in the “put-put” truck through the wilderness.

Eventually the group disembarked from the vehicle and started tracking through the brush looking for clues. Angie noticed some red/rust colored powdery substance here and there on the ground. She paused to take a sample and moved on.

After another 20 minutes the group came across a dead deer. The animal had been mauled and fed on, must of its innards gone. Angie bent down and examined the creature to see swollen eyes, nose, and throat. She looked into its chest cavity and noticed bloated lungs. When she sliced open the lung an airborne toxin burst from the cut as well as thick blackish blood. Elmer quickly turned away.

After a moment the group heard a rustling in the underbrush. Drawing their weapons they scanned the area for danger. Suddenly a squirrel bursts out from under a pile of leaves. Angie screamed and bolted at top speed (phobia- squirrels) with John and Elmer chasing after her.

After running for a few moments Angie calmed down and stopped running. As Elmer and John caught up with her there was a loud roar and something pounces from the trees right onto Elmer’s character (which is quite entertaining since Elmer has no combat skills to speak off)

The creature was a mountain lion of sorts with a red tinted fur that started oozing blood which when dripping to the ground created the airborne toxin in a medium burst template. When the characters were in the cloud they had to roll a vigor check TN 5 or gain a level of fatigue.

The fight was quite vicious, fun, and comical. Elmer was dropped to incapacitated quite quickly, and John valiantly attack the lion to get it off of him. The lion then pounced John wrestling him to the ground and started mauling him. Angie sprung into action, came out from the tree she was hiding behind, grabbed Elmer’s unconscious body and began dragging him back to cover. John’s character began shouting at her for help. She pulled out her bow and arrow, rolled a 2 and shot John instead, dropping him to wounds -1.

Two Pronged Attack

Drew, Sam, Liam, and Elmer’s bodyguard decided to stay behind and shot at the squirrel, blasting it into little bitty bloody pieces.

After playing with squirrel bits for a moment the group heard a roar, scream (Elmer’s), and gunfire and decided to hurriedly give chase. As they ran, they themselves were ambushed by a blood dripping Mountain Lion. This fight ended rather quickly after Liam scored massive damage with the obsidian blade of the Gentleman Caller.

Drew then closed on the first lion top of John and blasted it with his rifle.

The aftermath was pretty quick. Angie healed Elmer to wounds -1 (under cover so no one would see her) and then bandaged him up playing that he just fainted and his injuries must not have been as bad as they seemed. John griped that he had an arrow sticking out of his arm.

Then There Came a Clap Clap Claping and a Big Big Gun

Suddenly the group heard a clapping and a man came through the underbrush (introducing a possible team rival) dressed in the stereotypical Victorian Safari garb. In his arm was a big game gun.

The man introduced himself as Neigel Pendleton the III (the III is added thanks to Drew) and informed that he would be taking the two lions since he had been employed to get them.

Words were exchanged and it became apparent that the group was surrounded by Pendleton’s thugs.

John sprung into action, pulling out one of his contraptions and said it was a bomb and he would kill them all if they tried to take both lion bodies. John succeeded in his taunts check and Pendleton gave in.

As he left he invited them to join him at the High Life Club on the 11th level of Clorencia City.

We ended there with the group half fuming (especially Angie’s char) about the loss of one of the lions.

Next Session March 21st.

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