DnD Heroscape Question

So I mentioned awhile back that I was interested in picking up Heroscape as a type of battlemap. I decided to wait since the DnD Heroscape had been announced.. Well I forgot about it..

Anyways, it’s out now and I really can’t find that much info on how it looks, will it work as a good battlemap, does it contain a plethora of pieces or is it rinky dink.

Any info would be appreciated!!


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One response to “DnD Heroscape Question

  • Chuck

    I don’t have that set yet but I did pick up the original and the castle wall sets. I like the terrain and have used it for Savage Worlds. The hexes are bigger than the 1 inch squares that most poeple are used to but I don’t think it matters that much. The miniatures don’t feel all crammed together and personally I like hexes better than squares.
    The terrain is durable and easy to set up but can get kind of bulky if you need to haul to a game.
    The mini’s are of average quality but the bases are larger than the official D&D ones.

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