Building up a Homebrew World, Part 2

In part one I mentioned that I had presented my players with a survey on what kind of campaign they would want to play.

What’s the Answer?!

Overwhelmingly High Magic was chosen. Every player voted for Savage Worlds as opposed to DnD 3.75. And only Angie and Kinal really went for the Beginning of Civilization world. Not surprisingly the boys chomped at the bit of a game that the word chaos in the title.

So we have: High Magic, Realm of Chaos, and Savage Worlds as the basis for my world.

For the Realm of Chaos, I really wanted to pull on influences from Star Wars and WWII. Hence the whole resistance, guerilla fighting, and a sense of desperation that seems to permeate the world. I also wanted to break away from some of the standard tropes of DnD fantasy.

These are all the notes I have for the campaign thus far. I will post more up as they develop!

Homebrew Fantasy Campaign
(After Machinations of the Old Sage)


• Shall take place in the Eternal Realm of Chaos.

• Use Sundered Skies continents as a guide.

• 5 Island Continents.

• The Githyanki are an aggressive nation that is committing genocide and aggression against the Githzerai, a peaceful monk race of scholars. Anyone who helps them finds themselves an enemy of the state.

• The group is going to be part of a resistance movement against the established Githyanki government.
• High Magic.

• Magic is drawn from the realm of Chaos.

o Roll 1d6 when casting 1-2 low, 3-4, nothing, 5-6 high. Roll 1d6 low minus that amount, high add that amount to damage/heal (heals cannot kill only drop target to incap). Die can ace.

• Chaos Templar will be the Jedi Class and is something that the Githzerai can pass down. Use of both light side and dark side powers will be allowed. However dark side points will be accumulated. When points equal to your Spirit die value have been accumulated a Spirit Roll must be made DC 6. Failure means cannot use ANY Force Powers for that day and you become fatigued. Dark side points are cleared through meditation. An hour of meditation every morning.

Spirit check must be made DC 8. Success purges 1 point. Raise purges 2. Tapping into chaos comes with a price. The Chaos Templar also bonds with a weapon melee. Forming the bond takes 24 hour of prayer. This gives the weapon a +2 bonus. If the weapon is destroyed, the Templar cannot bond with another weapon for one month and suffers a -2 to all attack rolls till a new bond is formed.

o Human
o Drow
 High Elves went mad and drove themselves to extinction with the destruction of the world.
o Githyanki
o Githzerai
o Halfling
o Orc
o Freyjalis (Feline Race)

o Githyanki believe in an Old God, Tulmorfusian, who powers Chaos. They believe that they are the supreme beings chosen by this God.
o Githzerai believe in finding harmony within Chaos, and strive to find perfection of body and mind within the realm. The Chaos Templar whom can both tap into chaos and find peace within it is an honored and supreme being.
o Seidhlass- Beautiful Lady– Goddess of nature, animals, and celebration. Also believed to give the Freyjalis their anthropomorphic form.
o Kandull– God of War, Strength, and battle. Created the Orcs.
o Zeeja– Goddess of Shadows, Trickery, and lies. Bedded with Trestes to create Halfing.
o Trestes– God of the Sun, justice, and expansion. Created Humans.
o Lylthaleen– Goddess of knowledge, beauty, magic, and the moon. Created the Elves.
o Memanon– Goddess of the Afterlife, peace and love.
o Hepsthesis– God of the Underworld, evil, and betrayal.

Arcane Background-
o Miracles
o Arcane
o Weird Science (Called Artificer)

o 5 Major Islands (all Githyanki occupied area have an armed garrison occupying towns or near them.

1- Respen– Renamed Yagrligar after Githyanki conquered island. Most of island is farm lands to keep large city fed. There are also tree farms to keep wood and paper in supply.
• City 1- Euphyrm- Capital city renamed Githmar. Large port City. Githyanki leaders reside here.
• City 2- Bogben- Small town in boggy area. Does water farming from swamp and fishing.
• Vissen- Resort style town. Wealthy mine barons live here.
• 1A- Githyanki airship growth plant.

2- Bale- Ice Island. One settlement there. Harsh. Water farming occurs here, carefully regulated by Githyanki and Mining Barons.
• City 1- Winter’s Eye- Small mining town owned by Mining Barons. Small Githyanki presence as well as paid mercenary militia to monitor the mining of the ice and water of the island.

3- Seidhlass’s Wish– The island is wild and lush. Ancient ruins can be seen from the air. Many brave souls have perished during attempts to map the island. It is believed that a Freyjalis stronghold exists here.

4- Vencia– An island known for its beautiful crystal forests. The islands main city South Point and helps construct airships. Vencia is the only island free from Githyanki control. Each of the three cities has 2 elected officials. One resides in their city, while the other three reside in a secret location, making decisions for the good of the island and the resistance of the Githyanki government. It is rumored that a large resistance cell lives in the depths of the island.
• City 1- Haasall- Port town with factory for building airships. Farms located south.
• City 2- Nurljin- Became a sort of resort town in ages past due to being located between two groupings of crystalline forests. Years prior the city was heavily damaged by Githyanki air raids and has since not recovered due to lack of materials and business in this time of war.
• City 3- Myiso- Small town located in valley between two mountain ranges and crystalline forest and near large lake. Provides much of the island with fish, fresh water, and some vegetation.

5- Bedkak– Orc stronghold Regzrag. Ore mined and strong weapons made here. Under Githyanki Martial Law.
• City 1-
• City 2-
• 5A- Githyanki airship growth plant.

o 5 Smaller Islands

6- Black Ore Isle– Largest area of ore in Chaos. Surface area has active volcanoes that creates new ore. Prisoners are used as cheap labor in the dangerous mines.

7- The Ruins– Remnants of when Chaos shattered the world long since forgotten. The Githyanki Resistance is said to have its base here. It is dangerous to fly airships, wood or living into the constantly moving chunks of rock. Electrical storms occur within the ruins.

8- The Center– Stronghold of the Githzerai peoples that have managed to escape the purging. The island is guarded by Chaos Templars and old magic located in the rubble surrounding it. The Githyanki have not been able to successful penetrate it yet.

9- Traders Point– Small island where a city takes up whole area. Information, items, and other such things can be found here. It is said that Zeeja herself has blessed this little haven.

10- Blight– A dead island that radiates power. An Elven tower has been built at the edge of the island to study the effects. An old abandoned ruin lies in the middle of the island.


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