Building up a Homebrew World

First off, I’m really sorry for my lack of posting lately! Last semester at school burnt me out of just about everything. I have never hard to read and write so much in almost ALL my 3 years in school as I did last semester.

So I really just burnt out on blogging, writing gaming stuff, and even reading (one of my favorite things to do). I’ve just been bumming, playing WoW, and letting ideas sit on the burner and simmer.

I feel the burn out is lessening, and I’m hoping that I will be feeling more motivated once February hits and my friends and I do our 2 shot Star Wars sessions, and then jump back into our Clockworks game! Sorry there has been such a delay in play-testing Shawn!

In other news I have been giving quite a bit of thought to what I will run when we get done (if we honestly ever get done) with our current Dungeons and Dragons game. I have felt like doing a homebrew campaign for quite some time, since it has been YEARS since I’ve done one. However the creation of a homebrew setting is quite daunting and intensive.

I had two ideas in my head. A game set in the Realm of Chaos, where the planet has been shattered and is now fragments hanging in limbo of chaos (much like SW Sundered Skies) or a game where civilization has just started and the group literally makes history themselves and not have too much lore to digest.

You Must Choose, but Choose Wisely

I decided that it wouldn’t be fair to choose one of these settings myself without feedback from my wonderful players. Here is the questioner I sent to each of them:

1) Realm of Chaos or Beginning of Civilization
a. Realm of Chaos– will be a world that has been torn asunder by the plane of chaos ripping it apart. However, floating islands remain and society has rebuilt. A new danger has arisen in recent times as the Githyanki have returned after being away for hundreds of years. They have conquered some of the islands and are imposing martial law while committing genocide of the Githzerai. Idea- Group starts as part of a liberation/resistance front against the Githyanki.
b. Beginning of Civilization– Civilization has just started, leaving behind the nomadic ways of old, some places will be more developed than others. Writing has just started and only the most sophisticated of people have mastered it. Oration is still the means of passing on knowledge and history. The theme here is the unknown and FORMING history as opposed to the standard fantasy trope. What allowed civilization to form- the beginning of Magic allowed for people to form defenses against the harshness of nature. This will be a very civilization are small pockets of light in a vast darkness type campaign.
c. Answer-

2) High Magic or Low Magic
a. Obviously Realm of Chaos would be more high magic, but it CAN be muted. Beginning of Civilization would be fine as either.
b. Answer-

3) Style of Play
a. I have my own style of DMing but the campaign can have a focus theme while mixing others together. What type of theme would you like to see more prevalent?

4) System
a. Savage Worlds or Pathfinder 3.75. Each one obviously has pros and cons. Each one I will be limiting the books used (more specifically if Pathfinder is chosen). For Savage Worlds it will pretty much be the core book and the fantasy toolkits for myself. For Pathfinder it will be limited to the Corebook, the DMG 2 (when it comes out) and the bestiary.

5) What is something you want to see happen or from this campaign?

I was given, thanks to my constant prodding, a pretty expeditious response. I have started building the world and love it because it is not just my world, but all of my players because they have made a choice.

Tomorrow I will post the decision that was made and the outline that I have done thus far!


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