Creating a Homebrew Part 1

The Realm of Chaos

The Bubbling and Brewing

Last week I mentioned that for my upcoming (in the distant future after we finish the current one and we play some Clockworks) DnD game I wanted to do a homebrew world, since it has been quite some time since I have done one.

So I’ve set out to examine what has been really interesting me lately and what I would want to through into the world. I’ve been taking a class this semester on History of the Holocaust and really wanted to draw quite a bit from that.

This is a rough draft of ideas I came up with. I’m debating on how I want to handle religions for the “normal” races. I definitely want some form of Chaos god that they all believe in, but I also want maybe one god to each race that would be from their ancestors, a glimpse into their past.

The evil Totalitarian Githyanki.. Bum Bum Bum

Homebrew Fantasy Campaign
(After Machinations of the Old Sage)


• Shall take place in the Eternal Realm of Chaos
• Use Sundered Skies continents (SW) as a guide. For those unfamiliar with the setting the continents are floating in a vortex of space and travel is done by airship.
• There will be 5 island continents and several smaller islands.
• The Githyanki are an aggressive nation that is committing genocide and aggression against the Githzerai, a peaceful monk race of scholars. Anyone who helps them finds themselves an enemy of the state.
• The group is going to be part of a resistance movement against the established Githyanki government.
• Magic is drawn from the realm of Chaos. Chaos Templar will be the Jedi Class and is something that the Githzerai can pass down. Use of both light side and dark side powers will be allowed. However dark side points will be accumulated. When 10 points have been accumulated a save must be made DC 20. Roll is 1d20 + ½ lvl (minimum of 1). Failure for that day means cannot use ANY Force Powers for that day. Dark side points are cleared through meditation. An hour of meditation every morning. Will check must be made DC Dark side points x2. Success purges 1 point. Tapping into chaos comes with a price. The Chaos Templar also bonds with a weapon melee. Forming the bond takes 24 hour of prayer. This gives the weapon a +2 bonus. If the weapon is destroyed, the Templar cannot bond with another weapon for one month and suffers a -2 to all attack rolls till a new bond is formed.
• Religions-
o Githyanki believe in an Old God, Tulmorfusian, that powers Chaos. They believe that they are the supreme beings chosen by the Old God.
o Githzerai believe in finding harmony within Chaos, and strive to find perfection of body and mind within the realm. The Chaos Templar whom can both tap into chaos and find peace within it is an honored and supreme being.
o Humans- ?
o Dwarves- ?
o Elves- ?
o Half-Orcs- ?
o Gnomes- ?

The peaceful and persecuted Githzerai...

This is it thus far. I shall, as I get more ideas, pop them up on the blog for everyone to give feedback from.


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