Clockworks Playtest- Chargen! Part Two

For Part One, click here.

After my players got done with the things that needed to be on paper and solidifying their Clockworks characters personality and concept it was time to discuss HOW and WHY they each knew one another.

Even though I am a 3.5/Pathfinder player usually, I did buy the DMG 2 (4e) because I heard quite a bit of positive feedback for it. I did a review of it from a 3.5 DM perspective, part 1 and part 2. The first chapter, done by the amazing Robin D. Laws, talks about the concept of group character/party generation and having each player have a tie-in with someone else.

I really wanted to give that idea a try, since usually I allow my players to be whatever the hell they want, within reason, and then something brings them together. With this campaign I didn’t want to rely on “divine prophecy/intervention, a “Johnson” giving them various jobs that bound them together, etc.

I had already decided to run the Gentleman Caller, a Clockworks adventure module. I like the way it flows, and whatnot. I’m leaving out info on it here so as not to spoil it for my players and other potential people. Needless-to-say, I like it.

Solidifying the Concept

I told my players that they will be employees of the Department of Unusual Biology at the Colrencian University. The idea I have for this campaign is an X-Files kind of feel where they are trying to prove/disprove different “species” of creatures. At least in the beginning.. MWA HA HA.. Sorry.

Solidifying the Party

Each member of the party was to create a link with another in the group. Everyone sat in silence.

ME: Alright.. How about we go around the room, you describe what kind of character you are, personality, etc, but you don’t have to give anything away.. When we are done with that, you can work out, through discussion, who you know here and why.

I won’t go through a play by play of the discussion of each person, and in the first part of the post you can read the concept of each of the players, I will say though, I was really happy with my players creative juices flowing freely.

In the end the group tie-ins look something like this:

Angie and Drew

Angie’s character goes out in the field looking for a link that would show that Faeblooded are the next link in evolution of man. Drew accompanies her in the field trying to garner info that will help him, unbeknownst to her, achieve his goal of saving “undesireables” and bringing down the DoUB.

Omar and Elmer

Omar, being a bounty hunter and hit man (and breaker of my toilet without telling anyone that he clogged it up and lets someone else discover the horror that lurks within the bowl.. sorry.. Had to get that out.) was hired at some point by Elmer’s father, most likely for several jobs, now is on retainer for Elmer in case he is ever needed. Elmer has used his money and influence to get him a job at the DoUB so he can remain close.

Liam and John

After the accident that John’s character caused, he now works in the basement of the DoUB as maintenance man. There he also gets to tinker with left over parts and etc on inventions and devices of his own. Liam has gotten to know John, a fellow Faeblooded, and aides him in his tinkering and maintenance. Liam uses his info from DoUB and John to aid him in trying to gain equality for Faeblodded throughout the Great Republic.

So there you be….. My group ready to rock come December 6th, 2009 on our first official Clockworks session.

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  1. Well, that certainly makes more sense to me now. Frankly I was thinking the link between Omar and me was tenuous at best, but what’s up there makes good enough sense. I wonder if Orson’s gonna treat Dominic like crap. Ya know, get him to loosen up a bit. Drop the mask thing.

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