Clockworks Playtest- Chargen!

First little bit of info here.

Yesterday my role-playing groud and I took our first steps towards our play testing of Clockworks, the Steampunk setting by Shawn Gaston using the Savage World rules.

Sadly we actually didn’t get to run Gentleman Caller yesterday (to my playersdon’t read this or I will hang you by your feet and cause you great amounts of pain and suffering), but we had so much fun with Savage Worlds chargen and coming up with Clockworks characters and how they will all fit together. Also it is important to note that I had to explain the world of Vheld to them, the workings of what their characters would know, explain where they would be, what they were doing and etc.

The Birth of a Party

After explaining the world and some of the history of the Great Republic, I told my players that they are employees of the Department of Unnatural Biology and that their characters need to reflect that in some way or go along with that theme.

I also explained that we were going to be doing group chargen, so everyone will need to know one of the other characters somehow. I wanted to use this tactic to form a bond right from the beginning.

I said that there were only two people were allowed to be Faeblooded, and one Elementalist and one Weird Scientist. All choices were gobbled up by the players quickly!


• Omar
• Angie
• Drew
• John
• Liam
• Elmer- new to our role-playing group but long time friend of Omar!
• Kinal- she wasn’t able to make the session so her and I will have to get together soon and make her character.

Now I will let my players speak for themselves and their characters

Omar– “Rapiduro” Dominic Delavego (human)

Physical Description: Tall and slim. Green Eyes. Slightyy darker tan and hair tied in a braided ponytail.

Rapiduro is a slim, tall, and extremely handsome looking man. A bounty hunter by profession, Rapiduro is well known for his efficiency at catching, not only wanted criminals for steady income, but also entertaining hired work from private clients who desire a stroke of “bad luck” on persons of their choosing. Although very good at his work, he is severely arrogant and stubborn, always thinking he is the best at what he does and never wanting to admit he is ever wrong.

Quirk: Rapiduro cringes of the very thought that there might actually exist, although unlikely, a person that would dare scratch his beautiful, flawless face. Due to this fear he wears a white mask that simply has small slits for his eyes and slim red vertical diamond shaped marks on the mask. He only wears it when he is on a job, and he is compelled to ALWAYS wear it.


Angie– Jane Goodwin (human/elementalist)

Physical Description: 5’3”, 120 lbs, Green eyes and auburn hair.

Zoologist at the university. Young faculty member. Jane is thoughtful and bright. She is strongly convinced that a creature representing the evolutionary link between primates and faeblooded exists and she is devoting her life towards proving her theory. She is strongly curious and quite adept at adventuring in the field but has an irrational phobia of squirrels.


Drew– Cid Evenblood (human)

Physical Description: 5’11”, 200 lbs. Brown hair, blue eyes, and wears a monocle in right eye.

Cid is a member of the U.L.F. (undesireable Liberation Front), and is secretly trying to bring down the department of Unnatural Biology in an attempt to save faeblooded and other such “undesireables.”


John– Noah Walker- (Faeblooded)

Physical Description- 5’10”, 175 lbs. Looks human for the most part except skin always looks like it has a bad sunburn and eyes are yellow and animalistic.

Noah is a bit cocky. Growing up he was always a little ahead of the curve when learning new things. Being Faeblooded, the other children treated him badly, so he always felt he had something to prove.

Once he got into “weird science” he became uncontrollable until he caused an accident in which many people were injured. Sometimes people will still recognize him from that day. This event caused him to slow down and actually think about his actions and tinkering.


Liam– Jean-Claude “Bloody Bones” Zeeman (faeblooded “elf”/wannabe vampire)

Physical Description: 6’2”, 185 lbs. Golden hair and pale blue eyes.

J.C. was abandoned by his parents as a child for being faeblooded. Struggled to survive and developed a mean demeanor and physical prowess.

J.C. strives to obtain equal rights for all Faeblooded and will rush to the defense of any of his brethren, no matter the odds.


Elmer– Orson Vastol Duran (human)

Physical Description: A tall handsome fellow with bright eyes and a casual manner that belies his noble appearance.

Concept: Rich heir of a newspaper industry.

A spoiled, obnoxious, but rather intelligent young man forced around from university to university in an attempt to properly educate him and restrain his adventuring spirit. His family is home to some dark secrets and truly dirty deals of which he wants little to do with. In fact, he’s given little thoughts to his inheritance except that it funds his excursions and that his brother would be glad to be rid of him.

His bodyguard, Michael, is only the latest in a surprisingly long line of loyal servants.


So now you know the party members! Tomorrow I will go over each of their connections and how the campaign will begin. We plan to kick off, with our first actual play session of Clockworks on Sunday, 12/6/09!

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16 thoughts

  1. You should totally go into detail about Omar breaking the toilet. If for no other reason then to teach him to tell everyone next time.

  2. I’m working on the chargen for the next group in my Dominium campaign and I’m hoping to have them link their characters like you’re doing. I’m using questionnaires, that I’ll then redistribute for a second round of input (randomly giving them another player’s responses.) I’m curious, did you guys do your chargen live, around the table? How long did it take? Did you have a questionnaire, or info sheet, or did you just go with standard SW chargen queries?

    1. We just did live, round robin like. I did a questionnaire in the current DnD game I am running. I narrowed it down to 25 questions (I’ll look for it and post it for you tomorrow). I honestly got some amazing answers from my players and was able to incorporate some of their stories, but in all honesty some of it I haven’t yet due to time, where the story was going and etc.

      I found that even though it was highly detailed and wonderful, there was so much back story that I couldn’t possibly incorporate.. Hell each player did such a good job I could run 5-10 games just for each players story to get it going and resolved. Whole campaign right there. lol.

      This time I wanted to do something simple. I used the group chargen that is discussed in the DMG2 (4e) and had each player describe what they wanted to play and personality type. I also asked them to create two simple plot hooks and one NPC that would be a contact/person of interest in their characters life.

      After that the players had a discussion on who would likely know/have a connection with who…

      I’ll have more on that tomorrow 🙂

      1. I think that’s a great way to do it. Just like there’s too much setting detail you can toss at the players, it’s very possible to have too much detail on the PCs. I think one or two paragraphs and some obvious plot hooks are the way to go.

      2. Thanks! I’m finding stuff in the DMG2 to be useful no matter what system you’re running. Granted, I know a lot of the advice is out there on the net in various forms, and there is plenty in the DMG2 that is 4e-enough that it won’t apply, but I feel like it is one of the most useful RPG books I’ve ever purchased.

  3. Oh yeah, Omar’s character looks like he’s probably a fan of Wilhom Bloodbourne, or at least grew up on the books. Bloodbourne was, 50 years ago, the World’s Most Famous Monster Hunter. He starred in numerous novels, audio dramas, plays and more, all based on his supposedly factual adventures. He was eventually exposed as a charlatan and fraud, ruining his career. Today he’s regained a bit of reputation as a great showman and self promoter.

    1. I believe just one did. I think the players were nervous about taking on one of those hinderances on top of everything else. I did ask that one person take it, because I want to see how it would possibly “overpower” someone, or if it did even overpower them.. Etc..

      I’ll let you know what he took when he gets back to me.

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