Getting to Playtest Clockworks!!

Designed and Owned by Shawn Gaston

So a few weeks ago I asked Shawn to do a guest post on his influences on his steampunk webcomic based on his own homebrew game using Savage Worlds. He agreed, and it was a really good article.

As I had posted awhile back I was looking for a good Steampunk setting and many people had commented and left good idea. In the end, wanting to use the Savage Worlds system I decided to go with Deadlands…

Sadly there was much I personally didn’t like about the Deadlands setting once I got into the GM (Marshal’s) section. Without giving much away I felt as though the description of why our world ended up the way it did was pretty much tantamount to Willie Coyote going totally evil and creating an evil Acme factory that spits out weird evil creatures who’s single purpose was to generate fear.. Spppooooookkkyyy…

I liked everything before that. So maybe someday I’ll homebrew it to my liking… But not right now..

So I’ve been reading Shawn’s comic for a while and I’ve poured through his wiki and I found myself totally intrigued by his world and wanted to explore it in more detail.

I sent Shawn an email asking if he had more info I could use info from Clockworks and run a game set in his world. He politely told me that he did have stuff, but that he was keeping it close to the chest since he is planning on getting the setting published in the near future (something to look forward to at Gen Con ’11!!).


Shawn mentioned that he wanted to have some people play test the world and system to see how it worked and etc. So he asked if I and my players were interested.. HELLZ YEAH!

So after signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), I was sent all the info from the game. I can’t wait till Sunday to run our first session!

I should mention that Shawn is being really cool and allowing me to do session recap blog posts as long as it doesn’t divulge any information about the actual setting. He is also allowing me shy away from canon if I so desire since it is my own homebrew campaign. I appreciate this gesture since it will allow me freedom where things might not be concrete in his rules/setting.

I want to give a hearty thank you to Shawn for giving my players and I the privilege and opportunity to be the first to play test this!

I will be posting a session recap on Monday 11/23/09! Keep an eye peeled!

Here are some different recaps for Savage Worlds and etc. Many of these are older posts by myself, but they have TONS of links for Savage Worlds and Steampunk references, just in case you are curious:

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