Music- Setting the Mood..

I’m doing this post to share what I use, and also to see what other people use for their games.

When I run my DnD game I usually tend to play classical music.

Some of the artists I play are:

*Carl Orff
*Cirque de Soleil
*Movie Scores
– Last of the Mohicans
– Lord of the Rings Trilogy
– Star Wars
-Worlds of Warcraft music
-Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

When I run a Vampire or Modern setting session/campaign I usually lean towards rock music or industrial.

Some of the artists/bands I play are:

*Type O’ Negative
*Dead Weathers
*Alice in Chains
*Sound Tracks

What about you?


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7 responses to “Music- Setting the Mood..

  • Chuck

    Music usually is more of a distraction for our group. But I do use it when writing an adventure, it really puts me in whatever mood I need. For fantasy games, I’ll do the WoW or Age of Conan sound tracks or classical.
    Of course, one of my favorite general purpose, adventure writing music is Apocolyptica.

  • GeekBob

    I’ve tried to use music for my games, but at times, it becomes a bit useless as the scene last longer than the music so it just repeats and gets boring.

    However, I too like to listen to music while either playing or just to get myself in the mood to play. I tend to listen to Rush as I associate it with the person who got me into gaming ages ago (they also listened to Rush)

  • Tyson J. Hayes

    Agreed on the Apocolyptica excellent music to write to.

    Personally I also do not use music during my game, every time I’ve tried it tends to get ignored and I have to set the volume so low that no one can really hear it.

  • wrathofzombie

    @ Tyson and Chuck- I haven’t really given Apocolyptica a try for mood music, though I am familiar (somewhat) with the group. I shall have to give it a try when I write and play.

    I never have songs on repeat, because as Geekbob points out, it can drag on and the songs effectiveness wears off.

    My group loves having music ehance the mood though. Some of the greatest moments come when listening to Requiem by Mozart or Carmina Burana by Carl Orff and a dramatic moment is happening in game and suddenly the music enhances that moment. We will all pause a second and comment on how awesome that is. And it actually happens more times than not. 🙂

  • ben

    I love music in games. It’s a great way to get in the mood. We useually have a seperate playlist full of heavy and speed metal stuff we put on for combats. When drowning pool’s ‘bodies’ starts playing, our brains kick into combat mode. Also, it works the other way. I knwo I really enjoyed the last two pirates of the caribbean moveis mainly becuase we’d used the soundtrack for a campaaign I really enjoy and when the title music started playing in a fight scene I was intstantly remembering other swords and sorcerey stuff, which somehow made pirates seem like part of that cannon.

  • Alberic

    fyi i have apocalyptica….and i agree that it would make good mood music…kept meaning to mention it

  • Prince_Porter

    This may be a bit of an offshoot of the DnD talk, but I definitely agree that music in games sets the mood. I’m actually thrilled to see such a discussion outside the main games industry, and in something as personal as a game of DnD. I wrote an article on The Importance of Game Music awhile back, never really considered table top or other forms of games. Thanks for bringing this to my attention, good thoughts.

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