Into the Ruins of Sharn…

• Angie (Kaias- Human/Werewolf- Rogue lvl 12)
• John (Griffith- Elf Vampire- Ranger lvl 12)
• Liam (Alberic- Half Green Dragon- Sorcerer lvl 12)
• Kinal (Asha- Saytr- Bard lvl 12)

Continued from last session, the group finds themselves staring at the ruins of Sharn as a dragon’s roar can be heard echoing throughout the city.

The group looks over the a map that they have acquired and see that figure that they are in middle ward of Northedge. They look at their goal, Mongrave University, and realize that they have to head to the upper wards, and go through Northedge, Central, and to middle of Menthis.

Asha: Ah crap… This is gonna take awhile…

Me: Indeedy do.

The group decides since it is about 2pm, they should hurriedly use Tenser’s Floating disc to get them to the upper ward of Northedge, and wait till nightfall to make it through the rest of the city. The group manages to do this without a hitch and find a place to hide as a goblin patrol comes around the corner, narrowly missing spotting the players.

When night comes Kaias and Griffith decide to turn into bats. Alberic summons a hippogriff for him and Asha to ride.

As the group makes their way south they spot small encampments of goblinoids around camp fires, acting as patrols. Eventually they cross the mountains with some tricky riding maneuvers made by Alberic riding bareback on the Hippogriff, they come to upper Central Plateau where the government offices of Sharn are located.

The group spots a large bon fire and quite bit of activity outside what looks to be the capital building. As the group gets closer they realize that it is a regiment of goblins, hobgoblins, and bugbears.

Suddenly the hippogriff bucks and screeches as 4 heavy xbow bolts sink into its body! I tell Liam he needs to make a ride roll or be thrown off.

Alberic: I fall roll off and cast feather fall on myelf.

Once again, Liam has the ability to leave the group speechless, since this leaves Kinal (Asha) without a way to control the mount and she goes tumbling off at a much more deadly speed.
Kinal looked furiously through her character sheet and decided to activate a power that would allow her to manipulate the element of ice and absorb “x” amount of damage (much like the Mage spell in WoW). Asha lands on the ground with a huge crash, and suffers no damage, but the spell is loud enough to alert all of the wonderful baddies around them.

Cue initiative rolling…

Combat here was fast, which was what I wanted, and was pretty fun as everyone did something clever and was able to use abilities to thwart the enemy while Alberic lobbed Fireballs mopping up all the mobs.

Only Kaias took damage when she was noticed by the Hobgoblins and the enemies swarmed her, killing some of their own number in the frenzy.

Eventually Alberic lobbed a few fireballs at the troops when they were all massed together, killing them all. Ah the joys of arcane spell casters.

The group searched the capital building, discovering that it had been made into a barracks and finding some shiny things in the process.

The group rested and Kaias, in bat form, flew around scouting the area. As she was flying she saw a human man, wearing blood red robes, holding a halberd above his head with a white flag attached…

Up Next: Dinner with a Dragon Lord.


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