You teleported us into a battle?! Can’t you do anything right?!

For the first part of the adventure, click here.

As stated in the previous post Alberic (Liam) accidentally teleported the group into the middle of a battlefield. Coming over the left horizon the group sees an army of 500 ragtag Humans, Elves, Dwarves, and Halflings, brandishing swords, and charging headlong towards the group’s position. To the right they see an army of different goblinoids roaring and chanting and, again, running towards the groups position.

As the goblinoid army gets closer, the group hears “For the Red King!”

Griffith: “Red King? Who’s—“

A deafening roar pierces the sky and a huge Red Dragon soars through the air, over the players, and spews fire down on the advancing “Alliance (yes a WoW reference)” army, and then begins to circle around.

I cock a smile. “What do you do?”

Alberic: “I teleport away from the battle! About 50ft away from them.” John and Angie give him a “damn you” look.

Me: “Alright.. You two?”

John: “I say we both turn into bats and fly over to him! Better yet, we turn into bats and go annoy the dragon and BRING it over to him.”

Kaias (Angie) and Griffith (John) turn into bats and fly over to Alberic and watch the two forces meet. Griffith surveys the area and sees that the goblinoid army has come from the remains of Sharn and that the “Alliance” army has come from cliffs in the distance.

They decide to make their way to the cliffs in hopes of finding an ally. Kaias and Griffith flutter towards the cliffs leaving Alberic to chase after them on his nubby peg leg (he lost a leg early on in the campaign to a beautifully landed crit. Oh and he’s lost his nose and ear to crits^_^).

When they arrive at the “Alliance” camp, Alberic is greeted less than enthusiastically by grubby haggard soldiers that have definitely seen better days.

Right when it is about to come to blows a powerful looking Dwarf intercedes and asks what is going on.

Long story short, the group explains their plight, both on the Five Blades and the failed assassination attempt on Kaias’s life. The Dwarf introduces himself as Goldtooth, and says he will hear them out in more detail but the Dragonmarked Houses are meeting to discuss the losses and strategies of the failed battle. He also mentions that there is a Handar on the council, but that he is a good man who has been here since before the Blight.

The group sits in on a meeting, Kaias bending shadows to cover her face, keeping the element of surprise on her side.

After the meeting, the man named Handar comes up to the group and addresses Griffith. After several minutes of talking the group and Handar reach the conclusion that, for Kaias to find answers about her family, about the assassination attempt, and about the Five Blades, it is in the their best interest to help this waylaid people who are attempting to take back Sharn and it’s many secrets and resources from the powerful red dragon.

The group rest up for the night, and in the morning are taken to an opening delved in the wall of a mausoleum. They are told that it leads to a secret passage that will open to the Middle Ward of Northedge in Sharn.

The group sets forth, meeting no resistance, and opens the secret passage. Stepping out they see the ruined city of Sharn before them in all of it’s destroyed glory. As they survey the area a dragon’s roar breaks the eerie silence.

*To be continued 10/5/09*


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