Sharing Firearms in Eberron Ideas

Colt made all men equal.
Colt made all men equal.
My players and I tend to like some form of firearm in our games. In our current Eberron game we have ball/poweder muskets, Colonial era style.

I wanted to add firearms to Eberron, both for the PBP, and the campaign I’m coming up with once my current NJ game is done. Instead of going with the ball/powder muskets or standard issue gunpowder guns (say a bit more advanced, late 19th century firearms), I want to shoot for something a little bit different.

I’m thinking, and keeping with the Eberron feel that magic is a daily and normal thing, that these “guns” run off of magical charges created by Artificers.

Bang bang bang!
Bang bang bang!
Things That Go Bang

There will be three types of weapons:

Pistols (moderate range- low damage) ammo- 6
You would treat this like magic missile in that it is arcane damage and passes through Damage Reduction, making up for the low damage, 1d4+2. Range of 80ft. Cost 500g. Cartridge cost 100g for 6 shots.

Shotgun (short cone range- high damage) ammo- 2
This weapon will wield higher damage to anything 5ft (3d6+2). 10ft (2d6+2). 15ft (1d6+2). This will fan out hitting like a triangle, point starting from shooter. Range of 15ft. Cost 600g. Cartridge cost base 80g for 4 shots, plus elemental price. (Must be loaded after each shot).

Rifles (long range- moderate/high damage) ammo- 6
This weapon has better range than the other two models, making it great for hitting targets at a distance. Damage 1d8 +2 Range 120ft. Cost 700g. Cartridge cost base 100g for 6 shots, plus elemental price.

As mentioned the Shotgun and the Rifle will have elemental damage, such as; fire, lightning, and ice.

Why still use bows or crossbows?

These things are not silent, you will not be able to stealthly kill a guard with these things, but they are handy in a fight and provide non casters some ability over the elements to give them an edge.

Feel free to take this idea or give constructive criticism.. No trolling please.

Author: wrathofzombie

I am a History major attending a community college until I can get more financial aid and attend a four year school. I am living in NJ with my girlfriend who is currently wrapping up on obtaining her PhD in Toxicology. I love Star Wars, Role-playing, video games, working out, reading, writing, and hanging with my girlfriend, dog (Perfect), and two kittens (Birch and Brambles). My main focus on this site will be my discussion of Role-playing games and ideas and hopefully contribute something worth a damn.

7 thoughts

  1. I have to admit I like your idea. I am a fan of firearms in fantasy settings, too. That’s probably why I created Firearms rules for 4E shortly after it was out. I think the elemental nature of the cartridges and the fact that they are created by Artificers definitely help to make them fit into the setting.

    1. Thanks Stargazer! I wanted them to feel natrual within the Eberron universe or any DnD setting. I’m treating them as a “newer” magical technology rather than something found in a old tomb or crypt.

  2. I have problems with firearms (non magical ones). I can’t fit them in the historical context of any of my campaings. They are easier to produce than an armor, have long range, easy to use,etc. However I’ll try this one.

    1. Great! Keep me posted how it works! These are more expensive, and obviously would take an Artificer some time to recharge/restoke the cartridge wares for the weapons.

      The reason I like firearms in my fantasy games is that it adds a distinctly different flavor and allows character to add a different side to their personal (the romantic vision of the lone gunman or man with no name kinda thing).

      Just something different.

  3. If this setting is similar to D&D, I think no one will use bows and crossbows b/c even if you can get a silent kill with one, you can almost never kill in one shot.

    Definitely add a double-barreled shotgun instead of your single barreled one, and remember that this gun can be fired one shot at a time, or both at once.

    I’m jealous, I always enjoyed finding holes in your modified rules that I could attempt to exploit to my advantage 🙂

    1. Thanks Stephen! Miss having you in my games too! You were a pain, but an awesome player! Clever… pain.. in the.. ass..:) You’ve been in Eberron. It was the setting I last used when we played in Missoula. Good setting, and yes it is DnD.

      As far as hitting and killing in one hit. That can be changed with the use of Minions (something from Savage Worlds and 4e DnD), creatures with 1-2 HP, but can still be a viable threat.

      Another way I do it, is if it is a standard mook (3.5), and the rogue or who succeeds on their stealth roll and successfully hits the target from behind can choose to kill or knock out the target. Target rolls a Fortitude save, DC= Damage done. Obviously Rogues would be best for this since they get their sneak attack damage.

      Same could be done with crossbows or bows. Sniping from afar, quietly. Also arrows and bolts can be laced with a sedative or regular poison to dispatch the targets more effectively.

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