Traveling through Eberron on the Pathfinder Express.

Sharn City of Towers

Sharn City of Towers

For my upcoming Pathfinder campaign I’ve decided to run again in Eberron (I love the damned setting, ok?!). There is just something about the Eberron setting that I found refreshing when it came out, and have pretty much based all my games in that world since, save for a few occasions.

Yesterday I posted that I wanted to keep things simple and not bogged down by a plethora of books, so I’m keeping it simple with just the Pathfinder book, the Eberron core book, monster manual, and Sharn City of Towers book.

One of the things the really spawned ideas for this campaign setting is that I’ve started reading the Way of the Shadows trilogy (I’m half way through the first book- honestly, if you haven’t read these books, they are really enjoyable).

Know Thy Players

One thing most of my MALE players seem to enjoy is being on the shady side of the law, which always makes things REALLY difficult when there is a Lawful Pally or Cleric in the party… so we all tend to shy away from playing those type of characters, because it tends to lead to CONSTANT conflict that halts the game (fun, but halts the game).

Sharn City Life

Sharn City Life

Seriously the only reason that my players don’t cause utter and absolute chaos is because of Angie and Kinal. They are the only voices of reason in the party (no joke).

The chaos that was our Star Wars campaign when the girls weren’t present is a testament to that.

The inspiration that I am taking from Way of the Shadows is to start the party in Cliffside of Sharn (the lower class shitty area of the gleaming city). The characters can slum in any of those areas from Sharn’s Welcome, Greyflood, Ship’s Towers, and the Mud Caves.

This gives my players the ability to be morally ambivalent and play the seedy black market dealing type that they love so much. It also gives my other players (the girls, mainly) the ability to be that, if they so desire, shining ray of light in the slums, yet they don’t have to see things in black or white as far as the law goes since they themselves were raised in the same kind of dire straights as everyone else in the party.

Hopefully we will be able to start this campaign in about… sigh.. 3-6 months.. after we wrap up the current campaign.

The wonderful action of Eberron in Sharn

The wonderful action of Eberron in Sharn


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