Pathfinder, FINALLY!

So my printed copy of Pathfinder has yet to come, it is being shipped from Amazon. I couldn’t wait any longer and wanted to take advantage o’ Piazo’s amazing deal of nabbing a 578 page corebook pdf for $9.99, so I did. Alright.. Enough sales pitching.. But I think that is an amazing deal!

I know that there are tons of reviews of Pathfinder on the rpgbloggers now, but I’ve pretty much read every one of them because it’s awesome to see everyone jazzed for it and read about their take on the product. So once I go through it, I’ll probably chip in my two cents.

Ideas are Brewing..

My current DnD campaing, although we have taken a break to explore Savage Worlds and whatnot, will be going back into full swing and NOT stopping till we finish the campaign. I honestly don’t know how many sessions are left, but the characters are reaching the climax… hopefully it will be interesting.

Now that I know that the ending is around the bend.. somewhere.. I’m starting to plan ideas for the next campaign when we are done.

Simplify simplify Simplify

One of the things that really attracted me to Savage Worlds was that the core rule book was only 160 pages, and it is extremely simple. Don’t get me wrong, I love SW and will continue to play it, but Dungeons and Dragons and now Pathfinder just hold a special place in my heart.

So I know that the next MAIN campaign that I will run will be Pathfinder. With that said, I’ve been wanting to simplify things a bit. So what I’ve decided to do is only allow the Pathfinder core book, the monster manual (and the Pathfinder version when it comes out in October) and then the Eberron Core book and the Sharn book, City of Towers (3.5). No other books. None of the completes with added rules, spells, variant starting classes and prestiege classes.

I want to avoid flipping through multiple books.

Tomorrow I’ll post more on where I’m thinking o’ taking the campaign and inspiration for it!


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