Play By Post Part 2

You can almost see the words forming on this gem...

You can almost see the words forming on this gem...

After doing some digging and info seeking on doing a PBP game, I’ve decided that I’m going to set the game in Sundered Skies and use the Savage Worlds system when crunch is actually needed.

For the most part the story will be handled through both my and the players narration, even when it is used on skill checks and regular combat. It will be up to the player to decide if he fails or misses an attack because he wants to see what will happen or dictate something else that happens for the enjoyment of watching the game develop.

I know that combat, when actually using mechanics, takes quite awhile, so I think I will limit the actual mechanic parts to “boss” fights, important fights, or just every now and again, to shake things up, go for mechanics.

This really will be just a story developed by all of us more than anything else. I’m starting to pour through the Sundered Skies book now to get a better feel for the setting itself, but thus far I like the premise.

I’ve also decided to use Obsidian Portal to handle the pbp information and posting.

Anything, my dear readers, you feel I should change or am missing?

Thanks much!


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