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Oh So Sorry…

I’m sorry for my lack of posting last week, but it has been crazy with my and my friends birthdays, homework and school, work, and other RL issues. Damn them!

Anyways, I will be doing a session recap of my current DnD game on 10/05/05, now that my PBP game has officially started I’ll be posting on my discoveries on that, and finally I bought the new 4e DMG2 and I’ll be tackling a review on that next week!

So this will honestly be a dry week for me (I know, bad monkey!) but I promise to make it up next week!


Happy Birthday to Me!

Oh god..  This is my kind o' birthday cake!

Oh god.. This is my kind o' birthday cake!

Thanks right! It’s my birthday! You may now shower me with tons of love and adhoration! Mwa ha ha!

It’s been a pleasure thus far being on RPGbloggers, and I have to say that this is a really great community! Looking forward to putting up more posts and reading more ideas from fellow gamers!

A Blessing and a Curse…

I think I’ll start off this post with what inspired it. Then I’ll work from there.

Last year, in April, I was laid off from my job. I was an assistant manager at a DVD retail store. I HATED my job and I HATED the company that I was working for. I was miserable all the time and lamented everyday I had to go to that place and see all the simpletons squirming through the mall and into my store to bother me with stupid questions (wow, I’m really bitter)… I couldn’t quit because I have to make a certain wage to pay all my bills and cost of living and all that shit.

Well in April the company decided to close my store, and I was given the option to stay on and be transferred to a busier store with more responsibility and more hours but no increase in pay (lovely), or I could be laid off and accept a severance of 2 ½ weeks pay. I told them I would take the severance.

In all honesty I was frightened because I didn’t know what was going to happen to me. I knew that I would get unemployment and that I would get the severance, but what if it ran out?! What if I couldn’t find a new job?! What if the new job I got was worse (although I don’t see how that could be entirely possible) than the one I just left?!

Long story short, I ended up being unemployed for 8 months. I was completely broke that entire time, borrowing over $2000.00 from my parents to keep my head afloat. My girlfriend really was awesome and took up the mantle of buying many of the groceries for the house and being really supportive of me and not letting me settle for another shitty job! So.. I would be a total dick if I didn’t get mushy and tell her again how wonderful she is and just how much I appreciate everything she has done or will do for me!

Eventually, in mid-December I was accepted for at a Hospice company as a receptionist/secretary. I was immediately amazed at how great the place and people were there.

I’m still working for the Hospice and still really enjoying what I do. The job keeps me busy, but I work with great people and I am able to also work on role-playing stuff, homework, and do general Mike stuff while away from home.. No not that kind o’ Mike stuff.. perverts..

So some of you may be asking what the point of all this is…

My lay off was a blessing and a curse.. Or you could say a blessing in disguise.

How does it apply to role-playing?

It applies as the possibility for a great story mechanic. It takes some thought on your part and being able to adapt and reroute your premise based on your players actions and reactions to your game and setting.

Put your player’s characters in a situation where you take something away from them or push them to their limits, emotionally, physically, and intellectually. Make it seem as though the gods have singled them out and are cursing them, then show it for what it is.. A blessing in disguise.

This may be a bit cliché, but here’s an example off the top of my head:

The group has been conscripted by a King to do his bidding. At first this was great because the group had a stable income, a base of operations, and access to all sorts of things needed for adventuring.

As time goes on though, the group may be required to do things they find questionable, outright challenging their moral code, etc.. they want out.. yet they are trapped because they need the money, they need the support, whatever. Things become more and more miserable for the group.

Eventually something happens that causes the King to snap and the players and him have a falling out. Suddenly the players are on the other side of the fence. They are cut off, on the run, and have no means of support that they were used to.

They may be chased by the Kings hunters, have a bounty placed on their heads, etc. You push them till the players are weary, having fun, but they are, in some way, feeling the pain of their characters.

Then you give them a boon. They find themselves with an underground group wanting to overthrow the corrupt king, and now they have people who know how the king operates and have a working knowledge of castle and staff. Or maybe they enter another kingdom and prove to be valuable to a new more benevolent king/queen.

What do you think?

On a final note:

This morning I was yaking with Chatty and he mentioned he did a similar post years ago. I read through it, pretty good stuff! Take a gander!

You teleported us into a battle?! Can’t you do anything right?!

For the first part of the adventure, click here.

As stated in the previous post Alberic (Liam) accidentally teleported the group into the middle of a battlefield. Coming over the left horizon the group sees an army of 500 ragtag Humans, Elves, Dwarves, and Halflings, brandishing swords, and charging headlong towards the group’s position. To the right they see an army of different goblinoids roaring and chanting and, again, running towards the groups position.

As the goblinoid army gets closer, the group hears “For the Red King!”

Griffith: “Red King? Who’s—“

A deafening roar pierces the sky and a huge Red Dragon soars through the air, over the players, and spews fire down on the advancing “Alliance (yes a WoW reference)” army, and then begins to circle around.

I cock a smile. “What do you do?”

Alberic: “I teleport away from the battle! About 50ft away from them.” John and Angie give him a “damn you” look.

Me: “Alright.. You two?”

John: “I say we both turn into bats and fly over to him! Better yet, we turn into bats and go annoy the dragon and BRING it over to him.”

Kaias (Angie) and Griffith (John) turn into bats and fly over to Alberic and watch the two forces meet. Griffith surveys the area and sees that the goblinoid army has come from the remains of Sharn and that the “Alliance” army has come from cliffs in the distance.

They decide to make their way to the cliffs in hopes of finding an ally. Kaias and Griffith flutter towards the cliffs leaving Alberic to chase after them on his nubby peg leg (he lost a leg early on in the campaign to a beautifully landed crit. Oh and he’s lost his nose and ear to crits^_^).

When they arrive at the “Alliance” camp, Alberic is greeted less than enthusiastically by grubby haggard soldiers that have definitely seen better days.

Right when it is about to come to blows a powerful looking Dwarf intercedes and asks what is going on.

Long story short, the group explains their plight, both on the Five Blades and the failed assassination attempt on Kaias’s life. The Dwarf introduces himself as Goldtooth, and says he will hear them out in more detail but the Dragonmarked Houses are meeting to discuss the losses and strategies of the failed battle. He also mentions that there is a Handar on the council, but that he is a good man who has been here since before the Blight.

The group sits in on a meeting, Kaias bending shadows to cover her face, keeping the element of surprise on her side.

After the meeting, the man named Handar comes up to the group and addresses Griffith. After several minutes of talking the group and Handar reach the conclusion that, for Kaias to find answers about her family, about the assassination attempt, and about the Five Blades, it is in the their best interest to help this waylaid people who are attempting to take back Sharn and it’s many secrets and resources from the powerful red dragon.

The group rest up for the night, and in the morning are taken to an opening delved in the wall of a mausoleum. They are told that it leads to a secret passage that will open to the Middle Ward of Northedge in Sharn.

The group sets forth, meeting no resistance, and opens the secret passage. Stepping out they see the ruined city of Sharn before them in all of it’s destroyed glory. As they survey the area a dragon’s roar breaks the eerie silence.

*To be continued 10/5/09*

Finally back to some DnD time!

It’s been over a month since we have gotten to play the current DnD campaign due to trying Savage Worlds and cancellations, so I was really excited to play on Sunday!

Unfortunately I hit a snag by finding out that over half my players couldn’t make it, so I was left with the choice on whether to go ahead with the session or cancel and mope and play WoW all day.

Cancellation be damned, says I! I want to play! I don’t want to wait till our NEXT role-playing date, October 4th!

• Angie (Kaias- Human/Werewolf- Rogue lvl 12)
• John (Griffith- Elf Vampire- Ranger lvl 12)
• Liam (Alberic- Half Green Dragon- Sorcerer lvl 12)

We left off last session with the group hearing that information bout the Five Blades may be found at Mongrave University in Sharn. The group talks it over and decides that is where they will be heading.

Starting the Session Off With an Assassination Attempt and a Gift

I started the session 3 days after talking to the Old Sage and learning about Sharn, describing the group asleep in their beds while sugar plumps and mutilation danced in their heads.

I told Kaias that she heard a slight sounds and wasn’t sure, but maybe her sharp nose was picking up a smell in her sleep. *I didn’t have her roll anything, this was simply for fun and setting mood, no need to spoil it by a botched roll*

Angie: “I listen for a quick second and then crack my eyes open.”

Me: “You see a man standing on your bed above you, dressed in black, with a dagger (silver) held above his head, bringing it down at your heart.”

Angie: I grapple the son of a bitch to the ground! I have a 13 in grapple.”

*I made this assassin to be a total amateur and joke so I knew this was going to be fun. I gave him a 4 in Grapple. I rolled a 6.. Woohoo. Angie rolled 25*

Me: “Alright, you lunge out of your bed, tackling him with such force that his dagger pops out of his hand and spins in place a few times, before clattering to the ground.”

*Everyone laughs*

Kaias quickly intimidates and finds out that this would be assassin was hired in a bar called the Dead Lady in Karnnath. A picture of her from a newspaper clipping is circled with a note, “Kill the lycanthrope, but leave the rest alone.” He also mentions that while the men who hired him were leaving he heard the words Handar and towers.

Waking the rest of the group up, Kais explains the situation and tells them she is going to De Pan to get more answers and explain the options of a plan that she has hatched.

Waking De Pan up, the plan is decided that he will watch the assassin, while they get their doppelganger rogue and their human artificer/fighter friends to go to Karnnath and meet at the bar the assassin was hired and see if they can dig up any information, while the group goes to Sharn since it is possible that the word towers referred to the City of Towers…

I really liked this idea because it allows the group to continue on the main story line while I do things “off-camera” that also furthers my working in of Angie’s back-story.

After the group finishes outlining their plan, De Pan says that he might as well do this since they have woken him up at 4 in the morning. He opens a cabinet and displays for the three of them, displaying magical items.

I explain to the group that they get to choose the magical item up to a +3 rating from the DMG or Pathfinder Core rule book. I suggest that they choose something for utility rather than battle, because they have enough stuff for that.

This, and dinner (I crock potted us a roast with potatoes and carrots), actually soaked up quite a bit of the session.

In the end three very good decisions were made: Angie choose cloak of the bat, adding +5 to her stealth, allowing her to fly as per the spell, and polymorph herself into a bat. John chose a cloak of resistance, adding +3 to all of his saves. Liam chose a Robe of the Archmagi (but at half value). Giving him a spell resistance of 9, +2 to all saves, a +2 to overcoming others spell resistance, and +5 to AC.

After that the characters went back to sleep, started packing over the next couple of days to be teleported to Sharn by Alberic.

The morning came and the group found themselves outside while Alberic finished preparing the teleport spell. He finally cast it, and in a flash of light the group found themselves on a plateau, with the ruined city of Sharn in the distance, and the ocean to one side.

Right after the quick description of immediate surrounding the group hears shouting, coming from left and right.. and the thunder of hundreds of feet, coming at them.. from both sides..

Angie: “Oh God! You teleported us right into the middle of a battle!”

Tomorrow- “You teleported us into a battle?! Can’t you do anything right?!”

Pathfinder Bestiary Preview 2 has arrived!

This is Sexy..

This is Sexy..

I have to thank The Kyngdoms Blog for pointing out that Piazo has released a 2nd preview to their upcoming Pathfinder Bestiary, due out in October!

Here is preview one.

Upon seeing that, my ass headed over to Piazo and downloaded it.

I’m really excited for the Bestiary because I’m looking forward to see how Piazo has changed the dynamic of some/many of the monsters.

The art work is top notch (even better than 3.5 MM) and if the production quality of the Bestiary is on par with the Pathfinder Core rulebook, we have one amazing product on our hands!

On another important note, because I haven’t had time to do this, and I’m not sure if anyone else has pointed this out… I bought the Pathfinder PDF (along with the Hardcover book) about 3 weeks ago, and have read through the entire book (all 578 pages) within 4 days of getting them^_^

Anyways, I haven’t bought many games via PDF, but the Pathfinder PDF has LINKED pages. How fucking cool is that?! So when you see a rule being explained at it says, “roll your Combat Maneuver Bonus to…” you can click on CMB and it will take you to the part of the book that explains what the CMB does and how to use it! To me, that is amazing and completely justifies the need/use of the PDF. This makes a handy source book at the gaming table if you are a digital DM! I love it! And the damned PDF is only $9.99! How awesome is that!?

On a final note, I plan to go to Barnes and Nobles today to look over the DMG 2 and see if it has anything to offer a 3.5 player such as myself. I’m very interested in the first chapter, in all honesty. That is what, for me, will determine if the book is worth it for me. I’ll let you know more about that on Monday!

And I’ll have a game recap on Monday as well!

Dragon’s Age: Origins looks promising.

So yeah, I’m posting on a CRPG. I read about Dragon’s Age: Origins awhile back, but honestly forgot about it, until now. The game had a spread in my new Game Informer and the screen shots looked amazing.

The game is being done by Bioware, a company that really has done an amazing job with CRPGS, and it looks very very promising.

I’m not going to make love to a game that isn’t out yet, but I loved Neverwinter Nights, KOTOR, and Mass Effect.

I’ve been hankering for a fantasy CRPG for awhile (sorry Oblivion just didn’t do it for me), and this game with it’s 300 inspired style fighting and gore looks like it might quench my thirst and give awesome ideas for my own table-top gaming groups:)