Steal my Map!!

If you want a bigger copy, just let me know

If you want a bigger copy, just let me know

First I have to give credit where it is absolutely due! This isn’t my map. I didn’t make it. I found it here, while I’ve been pouring through the internet looking for anything Old West and Steampunk. I especially started reading through everything Tombstone once I decided that is where my Deadlands: Reloaded game would start.

Second I have to thank ChattyDM, since it was he who suggested the title of this blog when I mentioned it to him.

A Map, A Map… My liver… well maybe not that, but something.. for a map

I poured through pages and pages for a decent map of Tombstone, anywhere from years 1877-1882 (afterwards really didn’t interest me since much of Tombstone was burned down in a horrible fire in 1882), but really couldn’t find anything.

Finally I settled on this map. After finding a map I made the decision, while it really has no effect on game, that I wanted some amount of historical background for the map and boomtown. So I found some of the buisnesses of that day (in all honest most are from around 1881-82 since I found most mentioned in dealing with Wyatt Earp and the OK Corral shooting).

Which is something that can be seen on this map as it indicates where the shooting happened and where Morgan and Virgil were shot afterwards.

If you can’t see the map well and would like to use it, I can email you a better, larger copy.

Any thing that has “*” was a real business in Tombstone. I tired to find real owners of the business, but that was really difficult, but I did incorporate the history of the building into some of the description, if I could.

Obviously things on this map aren’t 100% accurate, not even close. Mostly it’s info that I pieced together by reading various sites. The locations of the “*” are as close as I could pinpoint by the discrptions I could find.

Everything else is made up by me (business wise).

The Characters: John Behan, Billy Breakenridge, Fred White, Henry Hooker are all real people who lived during that time period. I don’t know if Milt Joyce was an actul person, but he was in the Tombstone movie, so I can’t take credit for him.

Any others were made up by myself. Feel free to use this map if your planning on running a Deadlands game, or anything else!

Here is the key
1. Campbell and Hatch Billiard Parlor* -Owned and operated by Thomas Campbell and Jimmy Hatch. The place has 4 Billiard tables and a saloon.
2. Hafford’s Saloon* -Ran by Strat Hafford (inherited) and his wife Peergie. Has 2 bedrooms for rent, small food supply.
3. The Oriental* -Owned and operated by Milt Joyce. Very popular place in Tombstone. High class. Gambling (Poker and Faroh), music, and entertainment.
4. Golden Eagle Brewery* -Small saloon and brewery founded at beginning of Tombstone’s settlement. The brewery is actually located in the building behind the Saloon. Operated by Jimmy “Gums” MaGee.
5. Grand Hotel* -Owned by developers in NYC. Managed by Louis Sayville. An interesting person there- The Swamper is an honest employee (janitor and handyman) who is very friendly, knows most guests at the hotel and always lends them an ear.
6. Spangenberg’s Gunsmith Shop* -Owned by Daniel “Batty” Spangenberg (rumored to be an inventor of sorts). Ol’ “Batty” may seem out of sorts to most of the folks in Tombstone, but they happily take their guns to him for repairs or modifications, and people are always fascinated by some of the contraptions in his shop.
7. Henry Hooker’s Feed and Horse Shop– Owned by Henry Hooker who owns the Sierra Bonita Ranch that occupies land on both Graham and Cochise counties.
8. The General Store– Ma and Pa shop owned by Gertrude O’Hara (widow) and her son Raymond. All general wares can be found here.
9. Confederate Post Office– Mail can go through here to any Southern Territory. Cheaper, but honestly less reliable than Pony Express.
10. Pony Express– More expensive than CPO, but Pony Express will go into Union and the Disputed Territories (at a higher price).
11. Madam Clara’s Brothel– Madam Clara is a lady in action and reputation. Her girls are all well treated and cared for. People who have gone on the wrong side of her end up having strange things happen to them, some even disappear completely. No one will shy away from her girls though, and most are smart enough to treat them right, and leave a generous tip.
12. Ace in the Hole– This small dive gambling hall and saloon tailors to the seeder happenings in Tombstone, from cattle rustling, hookers, and black market ghost rock and weapon trading.
13. Cheng’s Opium Den– Old Man Cheng doesn’t say much, and most people prefer it that way, cause he usually tells horrible stories of the Weird West too extreme to believed, at least that’s what everyone hopes. Usually people just come to Cheng’s for some cheap opium.
14. Public Bath House– Separated into Male and Female areas, this decent looking building houses a place for people to get clean at a fair price while sipping on some bourbon and smoking a cigar. This is actually owned by the city of Tombstone, and they collect a bit of profit from it.
15. Ming Lee’s– If you have a craving for a Chinese girl, then Ming Lee’s is your place. She has some of the most beautiful and exotic girls one could behold. Many are actually slaves or prisoners shipped in from Triad in Shan Fran. Ming Lee also deals in drugs, acupuncture, mystical readings, and other various activities.
16. The Dragon– The Dragon is a small dojo where a fierce man aptly called, The Dragon resides. No one knows the history of the Dragon, save that he has united the people of the Chinese District and that he is an amazing martial artist.
17. Bird Cage Theater*– The famous Bird Cage Theater hosts some amazing theatrical talents from all over, including from Far East.
18. Marshal’s Office and Jail– Marshal Fred White and his sole deputy Spencer Walker keep law as much as they can without stepping on the Cowboy Gangs toes.
19. Tombstone Courthouse*– The Tombstone Courthouse has 2 courtrooms and one trial area outside where the gallows sit right beside the defendant, usually because he’s only there for a moment before a short drop and a sudden stop. Less serious crimes usually amount to a fine and/or some time spent working in a Tombstone owned mine.
20. County Sheriff’s Office– County Sheriff John Behan and his deputy Billy Breakenridge help keep law over Cochise County. In reality, Behan does little more than badger people for taxes and step aside and allow the Cowboy gang to do pretty much whatever they please. Billy is more honest, but also turns a blind eye to the Cowboy’s doings in the hopes of earning some adoration and friendship from them.
21. Jerry Johnson’s Place for Odd Jobs– Jerry Johnson usually has an odd job to be done around Tombstone, whether it is fixing up something in the town, venturing to a mine to make sure it is running smoothly, escorting some product to a far off destination, or accept a job as a temporary Pony Express agent, he is your man to go to.
22. Lexington Beef Plant– Lexington also has a Livery Stable, but don’t keep your horse or cattle there too long, since unclaimed property usually ends up on some places menu.
23. Confederate Army Barracks– When the confederate Wagon Train or marching army arrive in Tombstone, they stay at this small barracks. The barracks has a small amount of supplies on hand for the men to restock and after a quick break, head out. At any time there is usually only 1-5 men guarding the barracks. Most people are smart enough to leave it alone though, since most don’t want the might of the Confederate Army to come down on Tombstone like the hammer of a six shooter.


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3 responses to “Steal my Map!!

  • Thasmodious

    Nice find and tweak! I think I would like that bigger copy. This might work well for the map of the frontier town I’m opening my Savage Firefly game in. Just have to add a massive scrap metal junkyard and change any too recognizable names (I don’t want them to know I’m ripping some of the opening straight from Tombstone until after the fight at the corral).

  • Jason

    If it’s still available, I’d also love a bigger copy (which I could make edits to) for an upcoming Dust Devils game – a PDF or illustrator format would be awesome.

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