Steampunk/Weird West Savage Worlds Game Getting Ready to Saddle Up!

My Steampunk/Deadlands Reloaded game is going to jump start on 8/30 and I’ve been sending out emails to my players telling they need to think of what kind of character they want to play. And from the feedback I’ve received, some good ideas are flowing.

Once we get together and, in person, I can describe how DL:R is plus adding the steampunk feel, gadgets, etc, I’m sure that some of their concepts will change.

I think that my players are really excited about Savage Worlds after hearing me talk so much about it, and doing two little play tests (1 and 2) with the system.

The thing that really appeals to my group the most, I think, is that they aren’t limited to a class and its archetypical behavior.

I’m really excited because none of my players have played in this type of setting before, and it has honestly been a long time since I’ve ran anything aside from Dungeons and Dragons (3.5) or the occasional one shot Vampire or All Flesh Must Be Eaten game.

This will be a nice change of pace!

I have the first adventure almost full written, and the session will start with action right in their faces, in the boomtown of Tombstone.

Something that I was recently turned on to is Heroscape. Not as playing the game itself, but using the terrain for role-playing. I’m gonna head to one of my LGS and see if they carry it. If not, I shall have to order it from Amazon. Do any other players/GMs have experience using Heroscape as a battlemap? What are your thoughts on it?

I would put more about what is going to happen during the first sessions, but my players read this blog.. (at least they should be) and I don’t want them to have a advanced warning… but I will put a recap of the session up on Monday 8/31.

Lastly does anyone know of any good old maps of Tombstone that don’t suck or have watermarks all over them? Cause I’m finding crap on my searches on the net.



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5 responses to “Steampunk/Weird West Savage Worlds Game Getting Ready to Saddle Up!

  • Chuck

    I’ve been using Heroscape terrain for Savage Worlds and I think it works pretty well. The hexes are larger than the usual 1″=5 ft scale but I just use the same sized templates for spells and such. As long as everyone is using the same templates, I don’t think it really matters. Plus since the hexes are larger, the mini’s feel a lot less cramped. But occasionally I have forgotten about a mook who was behind a wall that I couldn’t see from the GM end of the table.
    Another good source for Heroscape terrain is Ebay. I got the castle expansion there for a really good price.

    • wrathofzombie

      Thanks for the feedback Chuck! I saw a good deal on ebay the other day until I realized that they wanted to charge $19 for S/H which would (if I got the master set for the $10 bid price) would have cost me the same if I ordered it off o’ Amazon.

      When you use them, do you have them prelaid out or do you lay them out as combat starts?

      • Chuck

        I usually just put together a few of the big pieces as a big map then add as the encounter dictates. Sometimes I use various things for the terrain/obstacles rather than build it with Heroscape.

  • Thasmodious

    Looking forward to reading accounts of the game. My own SW campaign kicks off beginning of October (SW, thanks to your hard sell 🙂 ).

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