Battle of the Dice Bags!

My g/f makes pretty things.

My g/f makes pretty things.

We were at a hobby shop the other day and we saw some hand knitted dice bags for sale. My girlfriend is pretty crafty and took a look at them, and instantly balked at the monstrous price of $60! This was a bag that would hold about 3 sets of dice.. That’s it.

So she got it in her head to make some nice dice bags for a fair price. Now her question that I pose to you is, where should she try to sell her wares. She was thinking Ebay and Etsy, but are there any other places that would be an appropriate place to try to show case them?

Thanks much for the suggestions!


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2 responses to “Battle of the Dice Bags!

  • Aaron

    I would go with Etsy. Not only will you be able to appeal to gamers, but crafty people will probably see them there and like it too.

  • Mike

    I suggest checking with your FLGS, too. They may sell them on consignment for her. My coworker makes knit bags and drops a couple off every month at one of the stores in town. She sells them for $6 for small and $9 for large, I think.

    She also takes them to craft shows in the area. If you don’t tell people they are for dice, they come up with all kinds of ideas.

    Etsy and Ebay make sense. Wouldn’t hurt to contact some of the large RPG dealers online, too. They might be interested.

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