We are all heading to Tombstone, partners…

The OK Corral

The OK Corral

After finishing the Deadlands: Reloaded book, I had to decide where the group would start exactly. After reading the Weird West town descriptions, I decided that Tombstone would probably be the most fun for a starting point.

Tombstone has the Texas Rangers that show up periodically, the Confederate Army, the Cowboys (the real law of Tombstone), Doc Holliday, and the violitile atomsphere of a mining boomtown. Hookers, gambling, saloons, drinking, and a theater. Plus the fact that Geronimo and the Apache warriors are right outside Tombstone’s door claiming Arizona as theirs.

Boot Hill

Boot Hill

I think all of these things will give the group enough to do and make it really easy to do pick up quests/plot hooks, and the like.

When the first session starts the group will be on a train heading to Tombstone. They each need to decide why they are on that train, and where they are from. Then the game will kick start in a big way, although I’ll leave out what will happen for now since I know some o’ my players check out my blog..

Pile of Bison Skulls going to be used for fertilizer, c. 1870.

Pile of Bison Skulls going to be used for fertilizer, c. 1870.

In other news I won’t be posting for the better part of next week, because my mom is coming to visit from Montana! I haven’t seen her for 2 years, so it will be awesome to see her again! I’ll post a RL blog on our trip and stuff for anyone, who actually kinda gives a shit.

Anyways, I’ll talk to you guys laters!


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