Get Yourself to the MET

Springtime by Pierre-Auguste Cot.  Fantasy feel here.

Springtime by Pierre-Auguste Cot. Fantasy feel here.

If you have never been, or haven’t been there recently, get yourself to the Metropolitan Museum of Art!

If you are looking for inspiration as a player or a GM of a game, this is the place to go. The MET really does have something for almost any genre/style of play (save for Sci-fi, go to the Smithsonian for that).

Therese by Balthus.  Got the pulp/Noir feel here.

Therese by Balthus. Got the pulp/Noir feel here.

You can find different Arms and Armor styles, how they actually looked, worked, etc at the Met.

I was going to post different links from the different sections, but instead I’ll post the link to the main link secion and you can explore from there. Seriously, the MET has a gorgeous display of Egyption sarcophagus’s, a fully reconstructed Egyptian temple, displays of Greek and Roman marble statues, ancient art from Asia, Africa, and other corners of the globe.

I went on Saturday, and it has been over a year since I’ve been there so that’s why I’m gushing. I love museums, and the ideas they give me for upcoming adventures and development for my sessions.

Another thing is you can read about how something looks or works, but seeing it, really taking it in will give your descriptions of something so much more detail and more fully come to live in your players eyes.

If you live far away from NYC and can’t make a trip to the MET, spend some time looking through the links I gave for inspiration, and just to see some truly beautiful works! Then get your ass to a museum near you!

Culture dammit!:)


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