I want YOU to Inspire Me

The Stampede

The Stampede

I want YOU to Inspire Me.

So as I’ve mentioned on several previous posts, I am developing a Steampunk Savage Worlds game. I am currently getting myself more familiar with the rules and have decided that I am definitely going to create the setting in the Deadlands: Reloaded universe. I think that is fitting and will hit all the points I want to hit.

So what I’m looking for now is inspiration to breathe life, fully, into this new campaign. I’ve made a list below of things that I am pulling inspiration/ideas from.

Peruse the list, and feel free to comment on an alternate take on any of these things, add new ideas/suggestions, or whatever.
Music– Any 19th to early 20th century music suggestions?

o Star Wars
o League of Extraordinary Gentleman
o From Hell
o Tombstone
o Young Guns
o Old Sherlock Holmes Movies
o Agatha Christie Murder/Mysteries
o Wild Wild West (Terrible Movie, but has Steampunk)
o Sin City
o 300
o Watchmen
o Rocketeer
o The Spirit
o Hot Fuzz
o Shaun of the Dead
o Die Hard Series
o Lethal Weapon Series
o Monk

Tombstone- Badass Film

Tombstone- Badass Film

o Trigun
o Cowboy Bebop
o Samurai 7
o Fullmetal Alchemist
o Last Exile

o Deadlands Reloaded
o Engines
o Old Pulp Murder/Mystery Novels (Currently reading the Man who Killed Fortescue c. 1928)
o Harry Potter
o Engines d20 system
o Adventure Deck– For SW

• Games
o Final Fantasy VI and VII
o Fallout 1-3

So that’s it in a nutshell. Feel free to comment! I would love some suggestions of stuff I have never heard of or encountered!
Oooh..  Pretty

Oooh.. Pretty


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6 responses to “I want YOU to Inspire Me

  • KODY?!


  • Will

    That’s a great list. While Ghost Rider (the movie) may not have been very good, it had some interesting inspirations, plus Sam Elliott. Phillip Pullman’s works are not exactly steampunk, but they may be useful inspiration for you.

    My #1 steampunk inspiration would have to be Girl Genius. I highly, HIGHLY recommend it. Check out http://www.girlgeniusonline.com.

  • Thasmodious

    In the area of music, perhaps improvisational jazz, the convention defying punk rock of its era. Although, some people really hate hearing jazz, especially improv, so as background in a game session that could not work. But, if your players have played Fallout 3 as well, getting its soundtrack and some similar old radio hits to that would definitely set a mood, evoking the setting of that game.

  • Will

    I just remembered Bioshock! While not entirely steampunk, it’s similar enough that it will probably be helpful. That and the music…

  • satyre

    John Phillip Sousa
    Scott Joplin

    Anno Dracula (Kim Newman)
    The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde (Robert Louis Stevenson)
    The Difference Engine (William Gibson/Bruce Sterling)

    Graphic Novels:
    From Hell (Alan Moore)
    The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (Alan Moore/Kevin O’Neill)

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