Steampunk gone Savage

Steampunk Star Wars..  How bad ass

Steampunk Star Wars.. How bad ass

So the other day I posted about creating a Steampunk game and was looking for different pieces of information, resources, and ideas from fellow bloggers (which I still am btw, so feel free to comment here).

So after skimming through tons of material and books I’ve narrowed it down to 2 that I will definitely be purchasing in the very near future: Engines and Deadlands Reloaded. Both of these books have stuff for steampunk and Deadlands also has other things in there that I want for theme. Later on I will probably purchase Victorian Monstrosities, and possibly Imperial Age of Magick and convert them to the Savage Worlds system.

I’ve already been thinking of gadgets and improvising mechanics and etc that will keep with the SW system and keep with the motto, “Fast! Furious! Fun!” I am really excited about running a SW steampunk setting for several reasons. I’ve been doing different settings and flavors of Dungeons and Dragons for years now, and it will nice to take a kinda step (I’ll still be running a DnD 3.5 game in Philly once a month, or whenever we actually get to play) away and run something new and different.

I’m not 100% sure, but I may set the game in Deadlands, but I have to read over the campaign setting before I’m totally set on it. The themes I want in the setting are:
• Political unrest and intrigue.
• A setting that allows the development of the players characters through role-playing.
• Horror
• Sci-fi
• Fantasy

This is why it was logical for me to go with Steampunk because it can and does contain or offer many to all of these elements. The other reason that I like this setting is, currently with the NJ DnD setting I have 7 players, if 3 or less are absent, we still play. If 4 are absent. Canceled. With this Steampunk setting and how I am developing the ideas, at least in my brain, if I have 2-3 people, I’ll still really be able to run something worthwhile. I can and do this with DnD as well and have the players do side-quests or whatever, but it gets tiring after awhile of working the timetable to coincide with their adventures, etc.

As I work on this concept I’ll post ideas and hopefully I will get some feedback that will help generate better ideas full of awesomeness.

I dig this

I dig this


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