More Steampunkyness

So I wanna say thanks to Telas over at You Meet in a Tavern. For sending me some helpful links for steampunk influence. Also thanks to Satyre for providing some awesome links as well!

So I did some digging through Forums and etc and cam upon a site with quite a bit of Victorian/Steampunk works. My question is, has anyone out there used these supplements? How well do they really fit into a steampunk style world? What is their quality? The prices are pretty damned reasonable. I know that it is a d20 system, but from what I’ve heard it is pretty easy to convert d20 to SW.

Also I found a cybernetics pdf done by William Littlefield for Savage Worlds. I have turned things around for a Steampunk feel and am putting it up for others to see and comment on…

Lastly I wanted to post a link to some awesome people who make Steampunk Armor. I met them and went to their panel at Otakon. They are really awesome people, as far as I can tell, and are really talented. They are called Outland Armor. Anyways, enjoy their works!

Cybertek to Steampunk/tek Supplement

Optional Rules:
• Must take Hardwired Edge before taking any Steamtek.
o A small steam engine is surgically placed on to the back of the person or carried at their side w tubes feeding into the spine.
• Haven’t decided if there should be edge requirement for each piece of Steamtek. This may work in lieu of spending gold. The spending of the Edge works as if spending gold for procedure.
• Keep cost of Humanity.
• Keep System Failure.
• Keep Repairing Damage.

Tek pieces:
• Enhanced Sensory and Targeting Array
o This replaces one eye, looks geary when target uses it, clicking can be heard.
• Nanotech Healing Enhancement
o These could be a box of steam spiders kept on the personage. They are powered by the steam engine powering the rest of the person’s devices. The spiders are attached to the box by thin string.
• Cyber Arm
o Same as description.
• Cyber Leg
o Same as description.
• Reaction Time Neuro Enhancement
o Copper tubing fits from the steam engine right into the brain of the person, causes slight twitchy behavior.
• Neuro Rewire
o Copper tubing feeds into both of the persons elbow joints from the Steam Engine and also thing wiring goes up into the brain.
• Carbon Weave Skin
o Change to Skin toughening. Skin is coated in a thin layer of metal, copper or iron. This adds a +1 Parry/+1 Toughness. Can be purchased 2 times.
• Enhanced Camouflage/Concealment Array
o Orb of bubbling liquid that is powered by the Steam Engine. On the outside is mounted a small crystal that reflects light and when steam is released from the Orb it causes the person to become camouflaged as the cybertek description.
• Attribute Enhancement Array
o Like description. Tubing powered by Steam Engine goes to that area. Vigor- heart. Strength- biceps, etc. Player can also change this as well.
• Cyber Arm and Leg Enhancements
o Same as description just changed to Steampunk/tek feel.
• Enhanced Visual Array
o Replaces an eye with this, ability to see on infrared spectrum. Can be taken twice to gain the x-ray spectrum as well.
• Cyber-mounted weapon
o Requires Cyber Arm.
• Implanted Deflector Screen
o Requires Enhanced Camouflage/Concealment Array. Steam erupting from vents provides +3 armor. Also obscures characters (owners) vision -2 to ranged attack rolls.
• Ripper Blades
o Requires one or two cyber arms.
• Cyber Finger Options
o Same as described with Steampunk/tek feel.
• Rebreather
o Same as described by cannot be removed. Characters lower face is permanently covered by ventilator. Their voice comes out mechanical. -1 to Charisma, but they can breathe underwater.


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