Looking for some Savage Worlds feedback

I would be really interested in hearing people’s reviews of several Savage Worlds source books. I’m interested in hearing how they play, the feel, how they play, powers, additions, etc, or whatever you feel is relevant. I’m interested in Deadlands Reloaded, 50 Fathoms, Spanish Main, and Necessary Evil.

Any info/reviews would be greatly appreciated! Thanks much!


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8 responses to “Looking for some Savage Worlds feedback

  • Joshua

    The only one of those I have is Necessary Evil, but I really only use it for the Super Powers rules. Neither the setting itself nor the “plot points” campaign structure interest me at all. The Super Powers rules are pretty good, though, for producing more powerful characters than the core rules.

  • Tim

    Deadlands is without a doubt my favorite of the ones you mentioned (though I don’t have Spanish Main). In fact, it’s really my favorite of the Savage Worlds source books/settings. Like Joshua, I don’t particularly like the Necessary Evil setting, and 50 Fanthoms is really kind of flat. I do have the Rippers book as well and that’s probably my next favorite after Deadlands (though like Joshua, I’m not wild about the Plot Points structure).

    • wrathofzombie

      Great! Thanks! I’m mostly interested in Deadlands because it sounds like such a great game, espeically when I want to take a break from DnD/fantasy. The reason I was interested in 50 Fathoms and Spanish Main is because I want to run a Swashbuckling campaign soon and was wondering how those two would play out with edges/hinderences, weapons, naval vessels, etc.

      thanks for the insight Tim and Joshua

  • Stuart

    @Joshua: I’ve just started reading Necessary Evil and I was thinking the same thing – just using the powers with the core book (Explorer’s Edition) for my own Superhero style game. 🙂

  • Scott

    Deadlands Reloaded is one my favourite setting books ever written. It is an absolute joy to read, it manages not just to relate the facts of the setting but virtually every paragraph drips with the mood and feel of the setting. Also, who can say no to a setting that has both wuxia-style kung fu action AND Zombie Lincoln..

    Necessary is very fun very cool supers setting that feels quite refreshing when compared to other supers games.

  • seaofstarsrpg

    Deadlands is quite fun and the SW version is much less clunky than the original game. But I am delighted that you can still “deal with the devil” (play poker against evil spirits) to use your magical powers! Hucksters are my favorite part of that setting.

    • wrathofzombie

      Yeah, the Huckster really got me interested in the game, as well as the feel. I also like the thought of a divine wielding gunslinger or something along those lines. Once my new version of SWEX comes back to me and I finish pouring over that and playtest it, I’m def gonna get me some Deadleands.

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