Enter the Five Blades

So we just had the session where my players fought the Illusionist, which they hated because they KNEW after some of them finally made their WILL saves that this guy was using illusions.. But they were illusions that could hurt the hell out of you if you failed the roll.

I did stuff like making houses turn into giant hands to grapple the players, sealed the sorcerer’s mouth shut, or made holes appear in the ground for players to fall through, while the Remohaz wandered around burning players. The sorcerer lost his magical great axe that did ice damage, melted to slag against the Remorhaz’s skin.

The fight took a little bit of time, and after that we called a break to all go pick up dinner… There was more goofing off this session than normal as we ate, but we had a good time.

Once things resumed the characters learned that the illusionist and someone who had attacked them previously are part of a band called, The Five Blades, that was causing destruction around the end of the last war, and suddenly they disappeared soon before the Blight.

As the characters discussed all of this new information as they were walking to their home in Under Haven they came across a new surprise. When they entered their home an old man was sitting in the dark, only the crackling fire illuminating his profile. He barked at them to sit down, because he didn’t have much time.

In a nutshell he admits that he created the Blight as a side effect of trapping the Five Blades into Eberron. He says he was interested in obtaining power and had been studying arcane and divine magic for some time, using his connections across the nations to do so. The Five Blades, in their pursuit of chaos, had endangered his goals. So he and his brother (the lich the group fought at the source of the Blight) bound themselves together to trap the Five Blades. The Old Sage admits that this wasn’t the effect he expected, he was hoping it would give him the power he sought. Instead he realized how bound he was now to the physical realm of Eberron. The magic also started killing the planet due to the corruption and taint of the Five Blades.

When the players cured the Blight, they released the Five Blades. Now the Five Blades are back to spreading chaos and want to eliminate the players because they are strong enough to be a threat to them in their weakened state.

The Old Sage pulled out 5 crystals (Yes I’m aware that this is like Final Fantasy here>.<) and told to place a crystal in each of the Five Blades as they fought, when defeated the crystal would turn black, showing the tainted soul of that Blade. When all five are killed, merge the crystals together and cast a powerful magical spell on it and that should completely destroy the Five Blades.

With that the Old Sage gave one more shuddering cough and crumbled to dust.

The characters armed with this information, and the information they learned earlier, decide they had better make their way to the crumbled ruins of Sharn to the Mongrave University to see what else they can learn about the Five Blades, the Old Sage (if anything), and a few good magical items.. cause they are gonna need it.

*Next Session 7/26/09!!*

Author: Mike Evans

I am the dude behind DIY RPG Productions. I have a fuck all punk rock attitude, love meeting new people, doing nature shit, and gaming (tabletop and console) and having a good time. I love craft beer (maybe too much), punk, grunge, and industrial music. I write books. Good for me.

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