Into the Depths of Khyber

The group makes it back to Olidimarah’s Haven and tells De Pan what they have achieved. They are given access to a limited supply of magic items, potions, and scrolls, and other survival gear. They make a plan as to what they are going to do and then get some rest, over the next couple of days the Druid is busy at work brewing potions, and scribing scrolls.

The group then sets out and goes through a portal located in the unsettled part of the cavern where Olidimarah’s Haven is located and plunges themselves straight into Khyber. This was particularly fun and interesting as a run goes. I treated it as a sandbox dungeon dive with random (I’ll talk more about this in a separate blog done today) encounter cards, like those suggested on Johhn Fours website ( (Which btw, if you don’t subscribe to his newsletter, hang your head in shame and start subscribing now. His zine is awesome loaded with great ideas from himself and the readers!)

The entire dive into Kyber took two sessions. The first was the group roaming around finding what they were looking for, and the second was that they found a keep that was well fortified, guarded by abherations and mutations of the Daeylkr and the group actually came up with some really clever ideas to bypass rushing the keep and they were able to sneak over the wall and enter the cave that was being guarded with minimal fuss and went through a large tough dive that took two sessions.

The dive ended with them far underground in pulsing living catacombs and they climbed through a sphincter type doorway and had a saw a fleshy pulsing mound attached to the wall. A voice echoed out of it musing at the players berating them and telling them to leave because they had no hopes facing him. The group refused. The mound opened and a lich clambered out, though looking more juicy (think the mummy from Mummy one).. A huge battle came out, and was quite a bit of fun! *What pissed me off though, was I was so preoccupied with all the other stuff, and it was getting late, I forgot to use some of the lich’s annoying abilities I gave him>.< So he wasn’t horribly challenging to the group as he could have been. Oh well. Live and learn*

After the lich exploded into dust, the group thrust the seed into the fleshy mound and the ground started quaking. The walls started bursting, and blood splattered everywhere. Suddenly tree roots burst from the mound and suddenly the group was teleported above the surface and gigantic tree burst from the ground and rose high into the sky (the tree that best fits this description is the tree from Batman the Animated Series that was borne from Poison Ivy’s formula she was using at her spa Eternal Youth). The tree started pulsing gold and then it flashed and gold light exploded out from it. The ground beneath them started turning light green and they could see the cloud cover above them breaking.. The Blight had been cured…

*Next One Year Later*

Author: Mike Evans

I am the dude behind DIY RPG Productions. I have a fuck all punk rock attitude, love meeting new people, doing nature shit, and gaming (tabletop and console) and having a good time. I love craft beer (maybe too much), punk, grunge, and industrial music. I write books. Good for me.

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