Saving the World

Alright for this post I’m going to summarize because I want to get this Blog caught up to where we are in the game and I am oh so close.. I also want to do a post on what I’ve learned from this campaign and how I hope to improve and post a summary about my role-players, how playing with them has affected me, etc. And how I am, as the GM completely to blame for most of the bad and how I will celebrate the good.
Alright, with that heavy piece of info out of the way.. Lets move forward, shall we?

The group agrees to find the airship in the mountains, are teleported by several mages, as close as they can be (since it is some distance away) and immediately run into some Lizard Folk, and they are able to talk their way out of trouble! Way to go for role-playing and not instantly going into combat mode players! The Lizard Folks lead them to the base of the mountain and warn them that this area is the territory of a Red Dragon.. The group now is pissing themselves because they KNOW they are going to be facing this thing. They climb up to the airship and have to start repairing it. When they are about finished the Red Dragon appears and a pitch battle ensues.

They defeat the dragon and flight the airship back to Olidimarah’s Haven to be received warmly by De Pan. He then tells them that they must fly all the way across Khorvaire to the Eldeen Reaches to find the way to cure the Blight. The shaman’s vision said that is the course to take.

The group heads to the Eldeen Reaches, with a few sky random encounters thrown in, and encounters a sect of druids who let them into the territory. The Eldeen Reaches are unscathed by the Blight and the Arch Druid explains that many druids sacrificed themselves to nature to stop the Blight from destroying the area.

The group explains why they have come and the Arch Druid says he must spend time communing with nature for the answer and offers them a place to stay if they are willing to work for their share. He is gone for several days. He comes back and tells the group they must travel into the forest, leave immediately, and find a weeping willow and eat a leaf that he gave to each of them. They will know what to do from that point.

The group travels to the weeping willow, eats the leaf, and can now hear the tree talk to them. It tells them to go below its roots, where druids used to find shelter.. There they will find what they seek.

The group goes inside and wanders through the catacombs and finds a dire cougar that has been diseased by the Blight. It talks to them and says that they must be tested to be given what they seek. Are they ready to be tested as to whether they are worthy of the gift of life.. *Here I had it that if a play cast cure serious or critical wounds or cure disease, or dispel magic even the creature would be cured and they would pass the test. If they tried to fight it however it would be, by far, the hardest fight they had ever faced… After all this was a test of life, not strength* So a few of the players immediately started rolling initiative and getting ready to rush head in, when the Druid said that he doesn’t think they should attack because the gift is life and attacking the creature seems counter productive.. So he cause remove disease, the creature was healed, and stepped aside to reveal a small dais with a small seed on it. The dire cougar then said that they needed to bathe the seed in a lake that pulsed with positive energy (The lake in Olidimarah’s Haven, called Twilight Lake), and then they must venture into the depths of Khyber, for that is where the beast that is responsible for the Blight lies, once it has been vanquished, they must plant the seed, they will know where, and the seed will grow, and hopefully the Blight will be purged.

With the seed in the hand the group set off for Olidimarah’s Haven…

*Next time- Into the Depths of Khyber*

Author: Mike Evans

I am the dude behind DIY RPG Productions. I have a fuck all punk rock attitude, love meeting new people, doing nature shit, and gaming (tabletop and console) and having a good time. I love craft beer (maybe too much), punk, grunge, and industrial music. I write books. Good for me.

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