She killed my bad ass villain in ONE hit?!!

The group makes their way to a village after their struggles through the Dark Lady’s hazardous dungeon. The village looks like it is being held together by just mud and hay. The villagers peek out of their windows or doors look scraggly, dirty, and scared. Eventually an old man comes up to the heroes and asks what they want? That is they are here to bully them, to get it over with and leave for there is nothing left for them to take.
“We’re not here to take anything from you….” Kias said quietly. “We’re actually looking for some shelter. We are in dire need of rest.”
The old man looked them over suspiciously. He points to the most dilapidated house in the remains of the village, “That’s the only one that is free. I’m sorry, but I can’t risk strangers in our homes. We’ll see if there is any food to spare, but I can’t promise anything.”
“Anything you give us will be most appreciated.” Said Dreck’s in a soothing voice.
The group asked what had happened to the village. The old man told them of a gang of thugs led by a horrible man named Braggin Bloodsurge. He has taken everything from the village. They showed up yesterday and when there was nothing left, burnt down part of the village and told the villagers they had better have something for him tomorrow or he would send his troops in to raze everything and kill them all.
The group immediately said they would help in anyway they could in return for shelter.
Sure enough, 2 days later, a small group of thugs showed up and demanded payment, and subsequently had the tar beaten out of them by the heroes. They let a few of them live to go back and tell Braggin to leave the village alone.
The group knew that Braggin would come, this time in full force, so they set to fortifying the village as best as they could. Here I let the players come up with all sorts of great ideas on how to fortify the village. Ideas they came up with was putting oil in the field just in front of the village (like in Braveheat) to be set on fire when soldiers were in the area. They also dug a 1ft deep by 5ft wide by 10ft long moat around the village. This was expedited by the wonderful powers of the druid and then create water was used to fill the moat when the enemy was seen on the horizon. The werewolf also went into the wilderness and communed with the local wolf pack to seek their aid. The wolves were more than happy to help since Braggin was killing their kin out of nothing more than cruelty. I really liked all the ideas that my players came up with and was keen to let them succeed in the highest degree.
The mercenaries and Braggin Bloodsurge showed up, about 75 strong, and charged full steam. When the mercs had reached the oil laden field, Griffith shot a fire arrow and set the area ablaze. Almost half the army was killed in alone. The rest were pushed forward by the shouting threats of Braggin. They pushed forward to be met, pouring out of the trees, by about 20 wolves, again taking a huge chunk out of their ranks. Desperate to get to the village the mercs started running through the moat in hopes of reaching their goal, but the sorcerer was waiting for them and cast lightning bolt into the water, frying all but 3 of the enemies who had made it out of the water in the nick of time. The group heard a scream of fury from Braggin, looked in his direction and he was suddenly gone, only his horse remained in the empty field. The group started fighting the remaining three, when Braggin burst forth from Griffith, sending a deluge of blood every where (Blood Mage ability^_^). I had made Braggin with love and care, I had hopes that he would be a reoccurring villain, and had given him some tasty spells to be a pain in the ass. I also planned for self-preservation for him, so after 2 hits, unless puny damage, he would use his ring of teleportation, teleport to his horse, and ride off to fight another day.. Now the characters would have a new arch nemesis to pester them… what I didn’t calculate… is triple crit…
You can obviously sense what is coming… The group engages the remains of the gang while the Kias shifts into werewolf form. Griffith takes another dose of damage from Braggin’s blood mage ability. Griffith tried to hit him back with his long sword and missed. Kias rushed up to Braggin and rolled a 20.
“Crit!” cried Angie (Kias)
“Awesome, roll again for threat.”
She rolls again, 20. “20!”
“Kie..” I say with slight apprehension, “roll again for kill roll.”
She rolls again… 20… Instant kill.
She hit Braggin right in the chest, grabbed his heart, and pulled it out, still beating, and held it in front of his surprised face before his eyes rolled back and he fell to the ground, dead.
The group and I were amazed and rejoiced at the success and surprise of this session. Yes I was sad that a villain I had put some time into just completely bit the dust, but guess what…. That’s what makes role-playing fun. The unexpected.
The group was asked by the old man to take them to a city up north, that they had been told about a year ago by a traveling merchant, the group agreed. They decided to start making preparations, which would take a week or more, then sent off.
The preparation time was done with a few rolls, everyone was packed up, so the group set off to find this supposed town to the northwest at the edge of the Talenta Plains and close to Mournland.
*Next time Odlimarah’s Haven*

Author: Mike Evans

I am the dude behind DIY RPG Productions. I have a fuck all punk rock attitude, love meeting new people, doing nature shit, and gaming (tabletop and console) and having a good time. I love craft beer (maybe too much), punk, grunge, and industrial music. I write books. Good for me.

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