A Quick Summary of NJ DnD campaign “The Blight”

I’ll be doing this over several posts because this campaign has been going on for almost a year.

Before the campaign started I sat my players down and told them I had several ideas for a campaign and that I had not committed to any story yet because I wanted to give them a say in the type of world we would be playing in. The world itself would be Eberron, but the options I had, and I forget many of them, were things like during the Last War, at the beginning of a new war, a group of nature bound characters striking out against the magical and technological advancement of Eberron, or the world destroyed by a “Blight” as I called it, and the group would start in the shambles of what’s left of society.
Everyone debated back and forth and asked me questions about what the world would be like with each theme and I answered. Eventually the vote was cast and the Blighted world won out, but it was close. Out of my 6 players at the time, now I have 7, the vote was something like 3 for Blight, 2 for one of the other themes, and 1 that didn’t care really, he would go along with whatever.
Then one of the players said that they would like be a monster race. Everyone seemed to take to that idea immediately, and thus a Blighted Eberron was born.

• Angie (my g/f)- Kias (Human, female, werewolf, rogue)
• Kinal- Asha (Saytr, female, bard)
• Omar- Drecks (Minotaur, male, druid)
• Drew- Mo’Lock (Ghoul, male, rogue)
• Liam- Albrik (Half Green Dragon, Male, Sorcerer)
• John- Griffith (Wood Elf, Male, Vampire, Ranger)

The Blight

The players started in a prison cell together, being captured by a woman referred to as The Dark Lady (my inspiration for her was the character of Lili from Legend when she was tempted by the Devil). Griffith’s brother managed to break them out, for a short time resisting the mind control effects of The Dark Lady. The characters made a successful jail break and came out into the world, now dying. The sky grayish red, plants wilting, brown, dead looking. Some of them had been in the prison for 5 years, since the start of the Blight and were completely blown away by what they saw. I guess I should interject a quick timeline here. Eberron games usually start 2 years after the Last War. 3 years later (in my game) the Blight happened. It’s now 5 years after that.
Not knowing where they were, the ranger and druid made a knowledge nature check and figured that they were south, and judging by the plants in the area in the Valenar territories. The group decided to head north up to the Tantela Plains and put some distance between themselves and The Dark Lady….
*Captured Again?! On 6/19/09*

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