The Magical Item Alphabet!! I- The Ink of the Blood Demon, Algortha

This is probably my favorite one I’ve done thus far!  I can’t wait to use this on my players.


The Ink of the Blood Demon, Algortha- The Blood Demon Algortha is crafty and cunning and knows that the way to corrupt others and gain followers is through patient manipulation rather than overt force.


Over the centuries Algortha has created several magical items that grant extraordinary abilities to the user, while slowly corrupting them.


One such devious item is a small ink container crafted of mahogany and lead.  The powdered ink never runs out, but stays perfectly preserved while in the container.  If the ink is spilled, it swirls around and goes back into the container.


The power of the ink is that it can be mixed with the user’s blood to create demonic ink.  The user is then able to draw amazing creatures on paper.  Once per day the user is able to cause one of these creations to come alive and serve them for user’s HD +1d6 rounds, or until dispelled or destroyed.


To create a creature the user must cut themselves and drain an equal amount of HD as the creature (IE- a goblin has 1d4 HP, the user drains 1d4 HP.  If the user draws 6 goblins that is 6d4 HP.  If the user draws a dragon that has 12d12 HP, the user drains 12d12 HP).  If the user does not survive the drain then their body crumbles to a fine black powder and is added to the ink container.


The drawn creatures gain all abilities (natural or supernatural) of the actual creature and completely obey the user.  Once the duration is over or the creature is dispelled or destroyed it melts in a spray of ink and blood.


The user does not regain sacrificed HP until the drawing is used.  The user can have any number of drawings stored up, so long as they have no less than 1 HP.


Drawing a creature takes two hours per hit die (IE- two hours for a goblin and twenty four hours for a dragon).


Each time the user releases a piece of art there is a chance that they become corrupted by Algortha.  Roll 1d20- if the result is 1-10, you suffer corruption.  Roll 1d20 and consult the table below:


Corruption of Algortha
Roll 1d20 Effect
1 Roll twice on this chart- ignoring result 20.
2 You cast no shadow.
3 Children cry around you.
4 Your skin is constantly warm and red.
5 Your hair is black, coarse, and itchy.
6 Your teeth become jagged and sharp (1d4 damage).
7 Your fingernails are as hard as steel (1d4 damage).
8 You cast no reflection.
9 You cannot be healed by good-aligned clerics.
10 Animals shy away from you.
11 You hear voices in your head.
12 Your hands are overlarge.
13 You cannot step into any church of neutral or good-aligned gods without suffering extreme discomfort.
14 You grow small bone spurs along your spine.
15 Smoke curls out of your nose and mouth when you breathe.
16 You smell like brimstone.
17 Cold attacks do 2d4 more damage to you.
18 Your clothing always seems to be smoldering.
19 Your eyes glow red.
20 You manage to suffer no adverse effects.

The Magical Item Alphabet!! G- The Gorgon’s Skin

The Gorgon’s Skin- The beautiful gorgon, Mythesis, was skinned alive and thrown in a deep well to dwell forever alone and in torment.  Her skin can be worn as a cloak, providing +2 to AC, grants immunity to all natural poisons, and the ability to talk to snakes.

Once per day the wearer can don the hood and be transformed into a gorgon (Medusa) and gain the abilities and powers granted by that creature (use your favorite Monster Manual/Bestiary).  This effect lasts for 1d6 turns.



The Magical Item Alphabet!! F- Finders Keepers!

We now hit F…  I really enjoy this item for some reason.


Finders Keepers- This satchel belonged to an extraordinary thief who used it to store all the belongings he nicked from his hapless victims.


Over three decades of using this bag imbued it with the strange abilities.


Those who wear the bag receive +5 to any pickpocket skill check.


Three times per day the owner may focus on an item they desire within their sight and must succeed on a Luck roll (if no Luck stat, use Charisma) DC 10 + GM modifier based on value of the item (+1 through +10) and it will appear in the bag (it must be able to fit in the satchel).  The victim will instantly be made aware that the item has vanished, but not who stole it and begin to weep uncontrollably and make a scene for 2d5 minutes.

The Magical Item Alphabet!! E- The Elephant Statuette

I continue tromping through the alphabet, discovering the wonders of progression…

The Elephant Statuette- This wooden elephant statuette is carved from driftwood and is also a flute.  It was the prized possession of a young warrior of the plains who entertained many of his fellow villagers with calming songs.  The young warrior and many of the men of his tribe were slaughtered by a rival clan.  This young warrior fought so bravely that his body was the only one that was not mutilated after the battle was over.  Instead the rival clan honored his body and bore it back to the village, with his arms resting over his elephant statuette.

Elephant Statuette

The village shaman prayed and enchanted the elephant to be a mighty instrument to be used in future battles in honor of the brave young warrior who cherished it so much.

Once per day a person can blow into the elephant statuette and create a blast that sounds like one hundred elephants roaring.  Those in a 120’ cone must make a DC 15 Constitution save or be deafened for 1d3 turns.  They also must make a DC 14 Dexterity save or be knocked off their feet by the force of the blast.

Once per week the user can attempt to summon an elephant steed.  This is by fate alone.  Roll 1d20, if the result is 12 or higher, the steed appears on the next round and remains for 1d6+1 days.  If the result is 2-11, nothing happens.  If the result is a 1 then a stampede of spectral elephants appears and tramples the user to death and then disappears.

The Magical Item Alphabet!! D- The Demon’s Ring

Today we ponder the nuances of the letter D, delving deeper into the decadent darkness…


The Demon’s Ring- This silver ring has been crafted to resemble fangs that circle the wearer’s finger, capped with a jagged pieces of onyx at the top.  The wearer of the ring gains a D/R of 5 against fire and can now speak and understand Abysal/Infernal.  The wearer’s alignment is considered Chaotic evil while the ring is on.

Demon Ring

The wearer also gains the ability to (roll 1d8):

  1. Summon a Type I demon 2/day.
  2. Grow batwings and fly 30’ rnd.  These wings transform into a leathery cloak when not in use.
  3. Cast Wall of Fire (Wizard, lvl 4) 1/day.
  4. Summon a Type II demon 1/day.
  5. Gain additional DR 5/silver.
  6. Skin thickens and gain +4 natural AC.
  7. Grow black jagged claws that do 2d4 damage (ignores almost all DR).
  8. Cast Contagion (Wizard, lvl 4) 1/day.

The Magical Item Alphabet!! C- The Crocodile’s Maw Mace

Over the hill and through the woods…  Today C has manifested.


Crocodile’s Maw Mace- The crocodile, Leatherback, terrorized a village near the banks of the river Pyatt, eating over 15 villagers who worked down near the river for food and farming.  Eventually the beast was killed and his huge maw was fired in a kiln, strengthening it to make it harder than steel.

Crocodile Maw Mace

This two handed mace does 2d6 damage and on a critical success the maw opens and bites the target, doing an additional 2d4 damage.  The target then bleeds 1 HP per round until magically healed.

Once per day the user can cause Leatherback to vomit up pieces of the victims he consumed in a 15′ cone.  Those in the area must make a DC 15 Dexterity save or be knocked prone.  They also must make a DC 20 Constitution save or become sickened, suffering -2 to all rolls for 2d4 rounds.  Undead and mindless creatures are immune to the sickened effect.

Zombies cannot be sickened but will become frenzied (no save) and attack the bits of blood and flesh covering the ground.  They cannot act and will consume it at a rapid rate for 1d4 rounds.

The Magic Item Alphabet!! B- The Bones

I continue the journey down the magical item alphabet yellow brick road!  Today we hit up B!


The Bones- Crafted from the bones of the legendary golden juju bird and bathed in the blood of a child, sacrificed under the full moon to the great mother, these bones have the ability to allow the user to roll them and seek guidance from the spirits.  Once per day the user can ask three questions of the bones.  These can be yes or no questions or seek insight on the outcome of an event or action.

The Bones

If the user is seeking answers to an event, mechanically this allows them to reroll one failed attack, save, or skill check.

The bones also act as a talisman against skeletons and ghosts.  These creatures suffer -2 to attacks and saves while within 10’ of the Bones.

Once per day the owner can throw the bones at a skeleton.  Roll 1d6:

  1. The skeleton must succeed a DC 15 Constitution save or be destroyed.
  2. The skeleton must succeed a DC 15 Constitution save or burst apart into 1d100 tiny skeletons that serve the owner for 2d4 rounds before crumbling to dust (1 HP, +1 attack, 1d2 damage, AC 15).
  3. The skeleton becomes petrified (no save).
  4. The skeleton and any undead within 15′ must make a DC 15 Wisdom save or be turned as if by a cleric.
  5. The skeleton turns blue and on the next round releases 1d6 arcs of lighting at any enemy in the area (+5 attack, 2d10 damage).
  6. Roll the d6 again- if another 6 is rolled the skeleton reveals one secret of the afterlife, and then dies.  If a 6 is not rolled, the skeleton does a jig for 2d6 rounds (during which time it cannot be stopped or take any damage), and the bones separate and clatter to the ground.  Piano music is heard faintly as the bones fall into a pile.


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